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Submit your oed source, earn money!

We made a ₱18,384.00 total CASH payout to students who submitted their exam answers. We pay up to ₱1.5 PER QUESTION. Checkout the payout leaderboard below.

How to earn

  1. Save your correct quiz answers in oed portal.
  2. Upload a zip file with your correct exam answers.
  3. We will evaluate your submission and pay for every eligible question.
  4. We will notify you and send payment.
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How we pay

Please refer to the available payment options we currently support.

Eligible questions criteria

  • Only college questions accepted for now.
  • Only multi choice questions accepted.
  • We don't already have the question.
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Payout leaderboards

Name Total paid Questions Last payment Field
ItalianBedbug ₱ 9,871.50 6,656 2022-10-16 💻 Computer Science
UncertainAnteater ₱ 7,687.50 5,177 2022-08-07 💻 Computer Science
UnpleasantHorse ₱ 367.50 279 2022-06-30 🖥️ Computer Engineering
EeriePeacock ₱ 253.00 351 2022-10-16 👩‍💻 Information Technology
MoaningLobster ₱ 204.50 156 2022-07-04 👩‍💻 Information Technology
Total Payouts ₱ 18,384.00
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