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Assess and baseline current security-specifictechnologies. What phase is that?
  • Phase D: Technology Architecture Correct
Definition ofrelevant stakeholders and discovery of their concerns and objectives willrequire development of a high-level scenario. What phase is that?
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision Correct
Changes in securitystandards are usually less disruptive since the trade-off for their adoption isbased on the value of the change. However, standards changes can also bemandated. What phase is that?
  • Phase H: Architecture Change Mana Correct
The following are the modern ways of showing Filipino nationalism:
  • Love our family, our neighbors, and our compatriots Correct
  • Patronize imported products for it is of better quality
  • Be an unproductive citizen
  • Stand proud for Asian achievements only
The 300-lb force and the 400-lb force shown in the figure are to be held in equilibrium by a third force F acting at an unknown angle θ with the horizontal. Determine the values of F. NOTE : see fig-10 from the LIST OF FIGURE in Week-1
  • F = 205.31 lb Correct
A network administrator notices that the default gateway devices sends an ICMP Redirect message to the workstation when the workstation tries to connect to file server on another network. What is the purpose for this ICMP message?
  • To notify the workstation, that another router on the same network, is the better defaultgateway to reach the remote server Correct
Assess the impact of new security measures uponother new components or existing leveraged systems. What phase is that?
  • Phase F: Migration Planning Correct
Establish architecture artifact, design, andcode reviews and define acceptance criteria for the successful implementationof the findings. What phase is that?
  • Phase G: Implementation Governance Correct