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The 300-lb force and the 400-lb force shown in the figure are to be held in equilibrium by a third force F acting at an unknown angle θ with the horizontal. Determine the values of F. NOTE : see fig-10 from the LIST OF FIGURE in Week-1
  • F = 205.31 lb Correct
Which medium do service providers use to transmit data over WAN connections with SONET, SDH, and DWDM?
  • fiber optic Correct
There is greater self-____________ from the individual in the online world even if it is true in real life or not
  • Depression
  • Expression Correct
  • Regret
  • Confidence
"The Political Self" suggests, the psychological and the economic, the political and the personal, in reality constantly ________and __________.
  • Interact, interweave Correct
The individual seems to be offered a __________ slate in the digital world.
  • Clean Correct
__________________ allows developer to support scenarios in the application.
  • Compilation
  • Data
  • Variables
  • Conditionals Correct
The ____________ looping statement evaluates the condition before executing the body and the increment/decrement.
  • for
  • while Correct
  • do-until
  • do-while
Fifth Reason why investing in information security is significant
  • Regulatory compliance's Correct