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Information Assurance and Security 1

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_______ also can create their own custom probes.
  • Admins
  • Users Correct
  • Agents
  • Managers
__________ use packet switching to receive, process and forward data.
  • Hub
  • Modem
  • Router
  • Switch Correct
___________ is based on a comprehensive review of the specifications.
  • Regulation assurance Correct
  • Retired assurance
  • Rendered assurance
  • Restrict assurance
_____________ in terms of protection of the law or contractually protected or valuable information. 
  • Information system
  • Information security Correct
  • Information management
  • Information assurance
______________ is closely connected to risk management, which seeks to offer a permanent and safe approach to these conditions by different processes, protocols, rules, and requirements, which can serve to avoid or mitigate perceived risks in particular.
  • Security Analysis
  • Threat Management Correct
  • Security Engineering
  • Security Management
______________ requires assurance that all systems of information are secure and not abused. 
  • Punctuality
  • Integrity Correct
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
_______________ are a sequence of attacks that have been strung together.
  • Malware
  • Breaches Correct
  • Ransomware
  • Virus
_______________ should also consider any regulations that impact the way the company collects,stores, and secures data, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA.
  • Cyber Risk Assessment Correct
________________ are intended to find exploitable flaws in a company's data network.
  • Phishing and Identity Theft
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Penetration Test Correct
________________ is a network layer protocol that is used by network devices to diagnose network connectivity problems.
  • TCP
  • FTP
  • ICMP Correct
  • SNMP
________________ is the process of protecting individual pieces of data that could be grouped to give the bigger picture.
  • Personal Security
  • Operation Security Correct
  • Personnel Security
  • IT Security
__________________ is measured on the basis of the likelihood of leakage of sensitive information and the effect if such leakage happens.
  • Danger Correct
  • Calamities
  • Virus
  • Hacker
__________________ use wireless network infrastructure, such as Wi-Fi.
  • VPNs
  • WLANs Correct
  • EPNs
  • CANs
___________________ is a mechanism that detects friendly activities that, if correctly evaluated and grouped alongside other data to expose vital information or confidential data, may be helpful to a possible intruder.
  • OPSEC Correct
___________________ means securing the computing network of the company and protecting external computers that are connected to it, such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets.
  • Penetration test
  • Identity theft
  • Endpoint security Correct
  • Vulnerability exam
___________________ refers to the defense of physical threats against infrastructure. 
  • Operational security
  • Personnel security
  • IT security
  • Physical security Correct
____________________ identifies and implements a set of procedures, guidelines, methodologies, programs, and frameworks with regard to individuals, systems, technologies, information, and supporting resources to preserve mission integrity.
  • Information exclusivity
  • Information inclusivity
  • Information issuance
  • Information assurance Correct
____________________ these are unintentional in nature and are by far the most prevalent form of operating problems.
  • Sabotage misconfigurations
  • Deliberate misconfigurations
  • Accidental misconfigurations Correct
  • Intentional misconfigurations
_____________________ divert all traffic or workload to a backup device in this scenario.
  • Security advancement
  • Security analysts Correct
  • Security intelligence
  • Security intercom
_____________________ hackers edit the HTML of a website for fun or ideological purposes to vandalize it.
  • defacement assault Correct
  • physical assault
  • juvenile assault
  • conjugal assault
_____________________ is also a theory of information assurance that mandates that he will experience some degree of protection that makes the data he needs unavailable regardless of where an opponent can stage his attack.
  • Defense-in-depth Correct
  • Defense heritage
  • Disturbed series
  • Over-all impact
_____________________ is also seen as the most critical aspect of a good information security policy as it is essentially the end-users that need to be able to use the data.
  • Availability Correct
  • Collectible
  • Authentication
  • Insurability
_____________________ may be called a specification that involves a structure and discusses the relation between the components of that structure.
  • System architecture Correct
  • System assurance
  • System operation
  • System security
______________________ helps ensure that only approved people can view and make improvements to confidential information that remains there as you reach the internal company network.
  • IT description
  • IT encryption Correct
  • IT security
  • IT software
______________________ is for corporate networks and IT divisions of business.
  • IT network security
  • IT network assurance Correct
  • IT network credibility
  • IT network intelligence
______________________ monitors the effect of network transition on protection, availability, and enforcement as a supplement to IT application-level security and data-level security solutions and a subset of network management.
  • Network security
  • Network assurance Correct
  • Network intelligence
  • Network disturbance
______________________ refers to shielding software, hardware and data from physical attacks, or stopping operating services from doing so.
  • Physical surveillance
  • Physical insecurity
  • Physical security Correct
  • Physical assurance
_________________________ is a data that may be used to classify a single individual.
  • Personally identifiable information Correct
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Context of issue
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
_________________________ is about not making information accessible to unauthorized persons, organizations or systems or exposed to them.
  • Relationship
  • Confidentiality Correct
  • Availability
  • Integrity
_________________________ is one of the most valuable intangible assets of any company, and it is the duty of management to properly secure it, as all assets.
  • Incorporation
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Information Correct
______________________________ best practices and knowledge on techniques of social engineering can be additional facets of preparation to deter users from bending data-handling laws with good intentions and potentially devastating consequences.
  • Strong integrity and integrity-related
  • Strong data and data related
  • Strong passwords and password-related Correct
  • Strong system and system-related
______________________________ of consumer and business information are the most important considerations.
  • Exquisite and exclusivity
  • Political and mandate
  • Network and policy
  • Security and privacy Correct
_______________deployed by using USB. 
  • World Area Network
  • Wired Personal Area Network Correct
  • Wireless Personal Area Network
  • Personal Area Network
__________is closely correlated with the control of risk.
  • Information Security
  • Information Alliance
  • Information Intelligence
  • Information Assurance Correct
(IA) is the study of how to protect your  information assets from destruction,degradation, manipulation and  exploitation.
  • TRUE Correct
A ________________ is defined as information being used by someone who should not have seen it.
  • lack of privacy Correct
  • lack of conclusion
  • lack of validation
  • lack of permission
A _________________ is a collection of interconnected computers that helps the computer to communicate and share its power, data, and applications with another computer.
  • computer network Correct
  • computer connector
  • computer sta
  • computer manual
A ____________________ must recognize the assets of an organization as well as all possible risks to those assets
  • security evidence
  • security technique
  • security strategy Correct
  • security insurance
A ______________________ is the classical example of a lack of availability to a hostile attacker.
  • denial-of-service attack Correct
  • marriott attack
  • details-of-operation attack
  • parker manipulation
A company that aims to establish a functioning information management program needs to have well-defined security and strategy goals
  • Authorization and Access Control Policy
  • Scope
  • Purpose
  • Information Security Objective Correct
A crucial point to consider regarding the CIA Triad is that it may suggest the tradeoff with others to prioritize one or more concepts.
  • True Correct
  • False
A cryptographic protocol usually incorporates at least some of these aspects except.
  • Secret Sharing Method
  • Key Agreement or establishment
  • Security authentication Correct
  • Secure multi-party computations
A domain name is an easy way to remember an address, but it has to be translated to its digital IP format.
  • True
  • False Correct
A full inventory ofarchitecture elements that implement security services must be compiled inpreparation for a gap analysis. What phase is that?
  • Phase C: Information System Architecture Correct
A gateway is sometimes called a network.
  • True
  • False Correct
A limited number of missing devices will be retrieved by a large transport company, not to speak of devices misplaced in buses, airplanes, trams, rideshare cars, and so on.
  • True
  • False Correct
A main and basic type of network protection firewall is a stateful packet-filtering firewall.
  • True
  • False Correct
A network assurance technology called the _______________________ was launched by Cisco in January 2018.
  • Network Assurance Engine Correct
  • Network Assurance Engineer
  • Network Instant Engine
  • Network Insurance Engineer
A network topology describes the physical composition of a software.
  • True
  • False Correct
A paradigm meant to direct information security practices within an enterprise.
  • CIA Correct
  • CIT
  • ICT
  • CIS
A request to retrieve the value of a variable or list of variables.
  • GetBulk Request
  • Set Request
  • Get Request Correct
  • GetNext Request
A residence would have a single wired Internet connection attached to a modem in a very traditional configuration.
  • True Correct
  • False
A router port that links to the Internet needs to learn how to route contact messages to destinations across the globe effectively.
  • True Correct
  • False
A simplified and more popular instance of an assault on data integrity will be a _____________.
  • defacement assault Correct
  • juvenile assault
  • physical assault
  • conjugal assault
A switch, running on the data link layer, is called:
  • 3 switches
  • joystick
  • Layer 2 device Correct
  • Ethernet hub
A typical way of maintaining secrecy is _________________.
  • data encryption Correct
  • data description
  • data inclusion
  • data exclusivity
A________________ basis is also used as a rule of thumb for access and exchange of knowledge in the military and other government agencies.
  • "need-to-know" Correct
  • "need-to-assume"
  • "need-to-access"
  • "need-to-ask"
Acceptance,avoidance, mitigation,  transfer—are withrespect to a specific risk for a specific pary.
  • The risk treatment Correct
According to Digital Guardian, information assurance and information security is:
  • the words knowledge, assurance, and protection to understand the popular understanding of the terms and to prevent further confusion
  • The words are fundamentally related and share an ultimate objective of protecting the integrity of the information Correct
  • none of the choices
  • Knowledge is advanced by definition To be counted as useful knowledge, it should be: precise, timely, complete, verifiable, consistent, available
According to many other cybersecurity experts, the CIA model is unlimited, and certain elements are not adequately shielded.
  • True
  • False Correct
According to the National Security Agency, the maximum degree in information security would be ____________________________ along with technologies and clear organization procedural standards at all layers of the business model.
  • achievable when bringing personnel skilled in information assurance Correct
  • none of the choices
  • stronger systems to produce passwords and usernames, improved intrusion prevention machines, and ironclad proxy servers
  • be introduced and consistently used to ensure customer protection, minimize identity theft, and eliminate the Internet fraud that plagues e-commerce today
According to the National Security Agency, the maximum degree in information security would be achievable when bringing __________________.
  • personnel skilled in information assurance along with technologies and clear organization procedural standards at all layers of the business model Correct
  • personnel skilled in information assurance along with security and information of organization procedural standards at all layers of the business model
  • personnel skilled in information assurance along with data and collection of organization procedural standards at all layers of the business model
  • personnel skilled in information assurance along with incorporators and stockholders of organization procedural standards at all layers of the business model
According to the SANS Institute, information security refers to the procedures and methodologies planned and applied to deter unauthorized entry, use, abuse, dissemination, degradation, alteration or interruption of paper, electronic or some other form of classified, private and sensitive information or data.
  • True Correct
  • False
Acronym for TCB?
  • Trusted Computing Base Correct
Actions taken thatprotect and defend information and information systems by ensuring their availability,  integrity, authentication, confidentialityand
  • TRUE Correct
After completing a pen test, the testers report their results to the company's security manager so that solutions and patches can be created.
  • True Correct
  • False
After the first six phases, an attacker can act to achieve the goals. These actions typically consist of collecting information, modifying data integrity, or attacking the availability of services and devices, but the victim system can also be used as a starting point for infecting other systems or for expanding access to the local network.
  • Action on Objective Correct
After the weapon is delivered to the victim, follows the targetingof an application or vulnerability of the operating system. The infected filecan be used by the self-execution facility to launch the malware code, or itcan be executed by the user himself;
  • Exploitation Correct
All vulnerabilities are in web services.
  • True
  • False Correct
Although proxy firewalls secure clients in general, servers are secured by _____________.
  • Proxy Firewall
  • Stateful Packet Filtering Firewall
  • Packet Filtering Firewall
  • WAF Correct
An IP address is a human-friendly website URL.
  • True
  • False Correct
Another provider that claims to have network assurance capabilities through continuous network verification in its platform is ____________________________.
  • Veriflow Systems Correct
  • Dualflow Systems
  • Uniflow Systems
  • Unique flow System
Any SNMP managers can automatically send an email or text message warning to the administrator if the threshold is surpassed.
  • True Correct
  • False
APT means:
  • Advanced Pursuant Treats
  • Advanced Persistent Treats
  • Advanced Pursuant Threats
  • Advanced Persistent Threats Correct
Are applicable toensuring that security requirements are addressed in subsequent phases of theADM
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision Correct
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