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Application Development and Emerging Technology

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_____________ is defines the structure of the document, default values, and validators.
  • Mongoose data object
  • Mongoose model
  • Mongoose diagram
  • Mongoose schema Correct
A collection of data elements organized in terms of rows and columns.
  • Relational table Correct
  • Relational schema
  • Relational database
  • Relational diagram
A command module that appears to be available on the global scope is ___________________.
  • Global module
  • Require module Correct
  • Class module
  • Universal module
A command that can be used to restart Vagrant once it stopped.
  • vagrant halt
  • vagrant up Correct
  • vagrant run
  • vagrant destroy
A command that is used to load up the intuitive Redis clients.
  • Redis-gui
  • Redis-auth
  • Redis-acl
  • Redis-cli Correct
A common XML-based open data format for authentication.
  • security assertion markup language(saml) Correct
A CSS feature that is intended to eliminate all browser defaults.
  • CSS reset Correct
  • CSS validation
  • CSS tools
  • CSS selector
A file that contains a single JSON object that incorporates your Twitter credentials
  • credentialsjson Correct
  • propertyjson
  • objectjsonĀ 
  • attributejson
A function that runs as the system user rather than an application user.
  • Application function
  • Software function
  • System function Correct
  • Network function
A function that sets the time when a function will be called.
  • setInterval Correct
  • setTime
  • setEvent
  • setClock
A Git command that is only used to start or initialize the repository.
  • Git add [file(s)]
  • Git init Correct
  • Git commit =E2=80=93m[msg]
  • Git status
A git command which initializes your repository.
  • Git status
  • Git commit -m[msg]
  • Git add [file(s)]
  • Git init Correct
A JSON file that resides from the root base of a JavaScript Node project
  • stdoutlogĀ 
  • Serverjs
  • packagejson Correct
  • consolelogĀ 
A kind of schema that characterizes the structure of the archive, predefined values, and validators.
  • Mongoose data object
  • Mongoose model
  • Mongoose schema Correct
  • Mongoose diagram
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