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Application Development and Emerging Technology

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_____________ is defines the structure of the document, default values, and validators.
  • Mongoose data object
  • Mongoose model
  • Mongoose diagram
  • Mongoose schema Correct
_construct() method executes when a class is created or instantiated.
  • True Correct
$(document).ready() function calls if the browser contents has properly loaded its contents and is browsing.
  • False Correct
$that->db->insert_id() function returns the auto incremented or last inserted id from the query.
  • False Correct
$this->db->insert_id() inserts an id in the database.
  • False Correct
$this->session->set_userdata() is also used to set or change an existing session variable value
  • True Correct
1The Control Appendfunction of the URL helperreturns the $config[‘base_url’] value defined on application/config/config.php.
  • False Correct
4.Helpers differs from the model methods because it doesn’t require database intervention.
  • True Correct
A cart library method that displays the total number of items in the cart.
  • total_items() Correct
A cart library method that permits you to destroy the cart.
  • destroy() Correct
A cart library method that returns the total amount
  • total() Correct
A cart library method used to update the information of a specific cart item.
  • update() Correct
A child pseudoclass may represent the second, third, fourth, and so on elements.
  • Siblings
  • Nth child Correct
  • Class
  • Descendants
A class contained within the header, main, and footer elements which will carry the content elements.
  • script
  • container Correct
  • body
  • Html
A Cloud Foundry command is used to specify a target API endpoint, login credentials, an org, and space.
  • cf login Correct
  • cf credential
  • cf log
  • cf account
A Cloud Foundry command that set or view the targeted org or space.
  • view
  • source
  • set
  • target Correct
A collection of data elements organized in terms of rows and columns.
  • Relational table Correct
  • Relational schema
  • Relational database
  • Relational diagram
A command is used in the command-line interface to create a new directory.
  • mkdir Correct
  • cddir
  • Cd\
  • rddir
A command module that appears to be available on the global scope is ___________________.
  • Global module
  • Require module Correct
  • Class module
  • Universal module
A command that allows us to make a new directory on your current or specific directory location.
  • rd
  • mkdir Correct
  • cd
  • cd
A command that allows you to move from your current directory to an inner directory.
  • cd Correct
  • mkdir
  • cd
  • rd
A command that can be used to restart Vagrant once it stopped.
  • vagrant halt
  • vagrant up Correct
  • vagrant run
  • vagrant destroy
A command that is used to load up the intuitive Redis clients.
  • Redis-gui
  • Redis-auth
  • Redis-acl
  • Redis-cli Correct
A command that is used to make a new directory thru the command line interface.
  • cddir
  • mkdir Correct
  • Cd\
  • rddir
A command which allows you to create a new directory.
  • rd
  • mkdir Correct
  • cd
  • cd
A command which refers to the print working directory.
  • cd\
  • pwd Correct
  • print
  • mkdir
A command-line tool used to interact with Cloud Foundry.
  • cli
  • cf Correct
  • node
  • redis
A common open standard for authorization.
  • Oauth Correct
A common XML-based open data format for authentication.
  • security assertion markup language(saml) Correct
A component that packages a non-native app so that it is viable for native distribution.
  • native wrapper Correct
A configuration variables contain full URL to the controller class/function containing your pagination
  • base_url Correct
A configuration variables represents the total rows in the result set you are creating pagination for
  • total_rows Correct
A configuration variables that set number of items you intend to show per page.
  • per_page Correct
A cross-platform and language-independent interface treats an XML or HTML document as a tree structure wherein each node is an object representing a part of the document.
  • Data Model
  • Document Object Model Correct
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Object Model
A CSS feature that is intended to eliminate all browser defaults.
  • CSS reset Correct
  • CSS validation
  • CSS tools
  • CSS selector
A database that can be utilized for more impenetrable data storage needs.
  • Mongodb Correct
  • MySQL
  • Postgresql
  • Redis
A development process that works on a very short development cycle.
  • est-driven development(TDD) Correct
A development tool, sometimes including a mobile middleware server, that builds hybrid or native apps for each mobile platform from a single codebase. IncludesMEAPs and MCAPs.
  • mobile application development platform(MADP) Correct
A device that helps fabricate a development environment utilizing a virtual machine.
  • Apache
  • Vagrant Correct
  • VirtualBox
  • Nginx
A feature for access control systems that allows users to log in to (or log out of) multiple, independent software systems using one set of credentials.
  • single ign-on(SSO) Correct
A file that contains a single JSON object that incorporates your Twitter credentials
  • credentialsjson Correct
  • propertyjson
  • objectjson 
  • attributejson
A for loop comprises of four things, three of them are in the parenthesis that follow the word for and we allude to those as the initialization statement, the continuation condition, the update statement, and the fourth is the loop body,
  • True Correct
  • False
A function from a selector which will eliminate the chosen element(s) from the DOM.
  • empty
  • delete
  • remove Correct
  • erase
A function that carries or executes the callback after the predefined number of milliseconds have passed.
  • setClock
  • setTimer
  • setTimein
  • setTimeout Correct
A function that creates contentions such as a string signifying the kind of stream and an object that contains data about our filter rules.
  • filter function
  • string data function
  • stream function Correct
  • object filter function
A function that finishes the response by including "Hi World."
  •  resend Correct
  • reqwriteHead
  • req
  • res
A function that is used to gain access to the JSON files in our program locally.
  • getJSON Correct
  • Split
  • items
  • jsonString
A function that makes the HTTP header that sets the attributes of the response.
  • req
  •  resend
  • reqwriteHead Correct
  • res
A function that returns all the values of all specified keys in Redis.
  • hmget
  • get
  • mget Correct
  • hget
A function that runs as the system user rather than an application user.
  • Application function
  • Software function
  • System function Correct
  • Network function
A function that sets the time when a function will be called.
  • setInterval Correct
  • setTime
  • setEvent
  • setClock
A function used in asynchronous programming where it is executed at the later part being an argument.
  • return
  • declaration
  • callback Correct
  • val
A Git command that is only used to start or initialize the repository.
  • Git add [file(s)]
  • Git init Correct
  • Git commit =E2=80=93m[msg]
  • Git status
A git command which initializes your repository.
  • Git status
  • Git commit -m[msg]
  • Git add [file(s)]
  • Git init Correct
A JavaScript object that is created by a standard JavaScript object constructor.
  • map
  • compiler
  • constructor
  • controller Correct
A JavaScript string where strings are declared inside a string using single quotes outwardly and double quotes within.
  • BSON
  • jsonString Correct
  • jQuery
  • JSON
A JSON file that resides from the root base of a JavaScript Node project
  • stdoutlog 
  • Serverjs
  • packagejson Correct
  • consolelog 
A kind of schema that characterizes the structure of the archive, predefined values, and validators.
  • Mongoose data object
  • Mongoose model
  • Mongoose schema Correct
  • Mongoose diagram
A language that is used to present requests from a database saved in a relational format.
  • SQL Correct
  • NoSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
A library that enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server.
  • socketio Correct
  • socketonopen
  • socketemit
  • socketsend
A lightweight format in JavaScript for storing and transporting data.
  • json Correct
  • server
  • node
  • script
A method in jQuery that is used to create a serialized representation of an object.
  • param() Correct
  • declaration()
  • argument()
  • syntax()
A method that can be used on jQuery collections that wrap plain JavaScript objects similar to a pub/ sub mechanism.
  • config
  • toString()
  • trigger() Correct
  • content()
A method that loads data from the server using an HTTP POST request
  • $post() Correct
  • contentpost()
  • post()
  • post()
A method that sends back all the values of all predetermined keys in Redis.
  • get
  • mget Correct
  • hmget
  • hget
A method under the calendar library that will display the calendar
  • generate() Correct
A mobile application developed using web standards and accessed through a browser.
  • web app Correct
A mobile application that is written in a programming language that is directly compatible with the target platform.
  • native app Correct
A mobile application written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that uses a web-to-native abstraction layer, allowing the application to access mobile device APIs that pure web applications cannot access.
  • hybrid app Correct
A mobile phone with internet access and music playback that lacks the full functionality of a smartphone.
  • Feature phone Correct
A mobile platform-specific API that lets applications access specific mobile hardware functionality.
  • Device API Correct
A module that makes a layer on above the center http module that handles a great deal of complex things such as presenting static HTML, CSS, and client side JavaScript files.
  • Developer module
  • HTTP module
  • Application module
  • Express module Correct
A multi-cloud environment allows developers to use the cloud platform that suits specific application workloads and move those workloads as necessary within minutes with no changes to the application.
  • VMware
  • Open cloud
  • Cloud foundry Correct
  • Azure
A network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with other connected devices.
  • internet of things Correct
A program that actualizes the File Transfer Protocol.
  • File server
  • FTP server Correct
  • XML server
  • HTTP server
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