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Introduction to Multimedia

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•Adopting a formal project management/development methodology will help avert these failings in project.
  • True Correct
A "concept" in multimedia aims to solve or provide a solution to a certain need or problem.
  • True Correct
A broadcast / NTSC video requires how many FPS for it to play smoothly?
  • 30 Correct
A brush tool in GIMP which selectively lighten or darken an area
  • Dodge Correct
A classified bit file format that is used for simple animations on web.
  • GIF Correct
A computer simulated 3D world that a user can manipulate while feeling as ifhe/she was in that world. It requires computing horsepower to be realistic.
  • Virtual reality Correct
A computerized color created through the combination of three primary colors is called____.
  • Additive Color Correct
A data that is smaller in size than DigitalAudio.
  • MIDI Correct
A digital audio editing suite by Sony Creative Software which is aimed at the professional and semi-professional markets.
  • Sound forge Correct
A distinctive sign which is used to distinguish the products or services of one business from others and often closely linked to brands.
  • Trademark Correct
A file format for Adobe Photoshop.
  • PSD Correct
A functions use source and destination rectangles to control the portion of an image that is displayed.
  • DrawDib Correct
A good presentation is always based on a clear storyline, which helps to understand complex concepts and leaves a lasting impression.
  • True Correct
A hyperlink button within a PowerPoint presentation is called:
  • Action Button Correct
A patent protects an invention.
  • True Correct
A person who handles content maps from the background, icons, and control panels from navigation
  • Interface Designer Correct
A program that has pre-programmed elements for the development of interactive multimedia software titles.
  • Authoring Correct
A project can be defined as a unique process requiring significant effort and resources to reach a definite outcome within time and cost restraints.
  • True Correct
A symbol used for Copyright.
  • © Correct
A tangible need in multimedia which refers to the equipment or tools required for development of any multimedia project
  • Hardware Correct
A technique of an art production which various materials such as images, shapes and any arts are glued together to assemble a whole new art creation
  • Collage Correct
A technique used video editing which the clip or shots are combined with the use of special effects like fade.
  • Transition Correct
A tool in GIMP to heal image irregularities.
  • Heal Tool Correct
A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design or compilation of information used by a business to obtain an advantage over competitors.
  • True Correct
A type of presentation which refers to a short piece of video usually with audio to showcase the previous works of an individual
  • showreel and demo reel Correct
A window class for controlling multimedia devices.
  • MCIWnd Window Class Correct
A work on canvass that combines oil paint, newspaper collage, chalk, glass and ink could be called a – but not multimedia.
  • mixed media Correct
Abitmap is an information matrix describing the individual ____________ that are thesmallest demands of resolution called pixels on a computer screen or printingdevice
  • Dots Correct
Adobe Captivate is an authoring tool.
  • True Correct
All multimedia titles or project starts with a concept for every design.
  • True Correct
All of the following are considered design principles except for which one?
  • Texture (wrong) Correct
Alphabets are the more recent representation of text.
  • True Correct
Among the following choices, which refers to showcasing a talent or past work on an individual into a medium?
  • portfolio Correct
An activecontent progresses often without any navigational control for the viewer such as a  cinema presentation.
  • Linear Presentation Correct
An aspect in general design or development where the process of identifying what should be retained and removed from all the gathered data.
  • Data Analysis and filtering Correct
An image is a simulation of moving frames
  • False Correct
An image is the most utilized method in showing or presenting information or in communicating an idea
  • False Correct
An image on the web could be represented by an image type called JPG.
  • True Correct
An important components of multimedia because this component increase the understandability and improves the clarity of the concept. audio includes speech, music et
  • Audio Correct
An intangible tool does not have a physical presence.
  • True Correct
An intellectual property right which protects an invention and gives the holder an exclusive right to prevent others from selling, making and using the patented invention for a certain period.
  • Patent Correct
An operating system is software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.
  • True Correct
Analog is a basic audio type.
  • True Correct
Animation became popular on TVs in the 1950s.
  • True Correct
Animation is an element of Multimedia
  • True Correct
Animation is the newest form of multimedia
  • False Correct
Apple names its OS as “Mac OS”, beginning in 1993 which was previously known as “System”.
  • False Correct
Apple names its OS as “Mac OS”, beginning in 1995 which was previously known as “System”.
  • False Correct
As a photographer you are responsible for respecting copyright law.
  • True Correct
As you know, a linear presentation requires no intervention from the user. It simply plays. What do you call a presentation that DOES require user intervention in order for it to progress?
  • Interactive Correct
Audio file size is determined by the following EXCEPT:
  • Sampling sheet Correct
Audio, in multimedia presentations is used to grab attention from the viewers.
  • True Correct
Avector is a line that is described by the __________________ of its two end points.
  • Location Correct
Because it is so easy to use, it can contain too much information at once.
  • Information overload Correct
Being digital, this media can easily bechanged to fit different situations and audiences.
  • Flexible Correct
Bitmap is an example of a Still image.
  • True Correct
Branding is insignificant in multimedia.
  • False Correct
By playing with the perspectives of the images foreground and background, you can turn that 2 dimensional image into a 3d view
  • True Correct
Cassette tapes are example of what medium?
  • Analog Correct
CD are optical disk offeringhigher storage capacity than DVD.
  • FALSE Correct
Classified as intangible need in multimedia which strategize the details of overall timeline, skills, budget the necessary hardware and software to be used and even the resources for the project
  • Organization Correct
Colors do not affect a multimedia project in any way.
  • False Correct
Communication problems are more likely to cause misunderstandings.
  • True Correct
Computer animation is a versatile field that enables a productive and exciting career.
  • True Correct
Computer-based instructions that teach skills or procedures.
  • Tutorials Correct
Computer-based models of real-life situations.
  • Simulations Correct
Content Design deals with how the content will be arranged for the design.
  • False Correct
Copyright law is what gives you the right over the things you have created.
  • True Correct
Culturalobjectsandparadigms is a digitalization.
  • TRUE Correct
Design in multimedia deals with how the entire project is designed.
  • True Correct
Design is an important part of Multimedia.
  • True Correct
DrawDib functions require that your application use the _____________ transfer mode.
  • SRCCOPY Correct
Due to the advancements in computer speeds and storage space, multimedia is commonplace today.
  • True Correct
During the concept development phase, one of the aspects is Information and resource availability which determines what approach will be used in the project.
  • False Correct
DVD is an abbreviation of?
  • Digital Versatile Disc Correct
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