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Introduction to Communication Media

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A positive effect of mass media wherein the audience knows what happens in other places in the world.
  • Mimicking role models
  • Doing active-oriented games
  • Awareness of important news and current affairs Correct
  • Following fashion trends
A type of mass media that can encourage physical activity.
  • Movies
  • Videos
  • Television
  • Video games Correct
A type of mass media that only has audio as its format.
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Radio Correct
  • Newspaper
A type of mass media that uses sound to deliver the message to a mass audience.
  • Internet
  • Music
  • Radio Correct
  • Television
Communication media has only one format for delivering the message.
  • True
  • False Correct
Early humans use things found in nature to write on like tree bark, leaves and cave walls.
  • True Correct
  • False
It is a characteristic of communication media wherein the message from the speaker will have direct feedback and at times it may not have immediate feedback.
  • Communication Media can have different formats
  • None of the above.
  • Communication Media can be made through a One way or Two way process Correct
  • Communication Media is part of every human interaction
It is a characteristic that allows flexibility with the number of audiences the message can reach.
  • Communication Media can have different formats Correct
  • None of the above.
  • Communication Media can be made through a One way or Two way process
  • Communication Media is part of every human interaction
Mass media has negative effects except for:
  • Obesity
  • Social Awareness Correct
  • Violence
  • Substance Abuse
Radio commentaries are descriptive and detailed narrations of what?
  • Novels
  • Gossip
  • Short stories
  • News and current events Correct
Radio transmits through frequencies using ________________________.
  • Airwaves Correct
  • Soundwaves
  • Wind currents
  • Air currents
The collection of records and in terms of the music recording industry it means a collection of songs marketed as one product.
  • Playlist
  • Song listing
  • Songbook
  • Album Correct
The development of this publication followed by the evolution of technologies that were first developed for printing books
  • Book
  • Music Correct
  • Magazines and/or Journals
  • Newspaper
The era that had music publishing used machine-printed sheet music in the mid-15th century.
  • Reformation Era
  • Victorian Era
  • Renaissance Era Correct
  • Baroque Era
The evolution of communication media can be divided into two main blocks -- electronic block and the other block in technical media.
  • True
  • False Correct
The introduction of the printing press made mass communication possible for all kinds of print media.
  • True Correct
  • False
The person who invented the printing press.
  • Johannes Gutenberg Correct
  • Johannes Gunterberg
  • Johan Guttesberg
  • Joahanes Guttenverg
The sequencing of content in a broadcast.
  • Timeline
  • Schedule Correct
  • Timetable
  • Format
They are responsible for copying music by hand.
  • Scribes
  • Monks Correct
  • Altarboys
  • Aristocrats
This type of mass media is also called films. It is series of moving photographs projected quickly that is gives the illusion of movement.
  • Television
  • Internet
  • Radio
  • Movies Correct
This type of mass media's information is also user-based. Users can also provide the content of the information.
  • Internet Correct
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Radio
This type of radio is small, light and can be easily transported.
  • Transistor Radio Correct
  • Portable Radio
  • AM Radio
  • FM Radio
This type of radio uses frequency modulation, which changes or modulates the frequency of the unmodulated signal while keeping the amplitude of the signal constant
  • FM Radio Correct
  • Transistor Radio
  • AM Radio
  • Portable Radio
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