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IT Capstone Project 1

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_________________________________. It is purely qualitative in nature and we are focusing on the vision of others on the content of research.
  • Philosophical Research Correct
A computer program that can be used to automate procedures in applications such as word-processing software.
  • Macro Correct
A document that argues the case for the importance of your idea, to encourage a publisher to contract you to develop your idea into a book.
  • Book Proposal Correct
A sequential listing of all major parts of a thesis with corresponding page numbers. Included in the table of contents are the titles of chapters, sections and subsections, bibliography and appendices
  • table of contents Correct
A space character that prevents a line break being automatically inserted at its position.
  • Non-breaking space Correct
A specialist editor in the field of academic editing.
  • Academic Editor Correct
A symbol added to a letter that affects its pronunciation, such as the various accents in foreign words.
  • Diacritic Correct
A vague, disorganized, or error-filled introduction will create a _____ impression
  • negative Correct
A vague, disorganized, or error-filled introduction will create a positive impression.
  • False Correct
A well-written introduction is important because, quite simply, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • True Correct
Adjusting the spacing between (characters) in a piece of text to be printed.
  • Kerning Correct
All of the following are characteristics of research, EXCEPT:
  • Research not requires expertise. Correct
All the following are definitions of research, EXCEPT:
  • Research is considered to be the more informal process of carrying on the scientific method of analysis. Correct
All the following are examples of longitudinal research, EXCEPT:
  • Survey Research Correct
Basic/ Fundamental /pure or Theoretical Research: Its utility is universal.
  • True Correct
Capstone Editing’s guarantee to our clients that they will be satisfied with the quality of our work.
  • Quality Guarantee Correct
Closed-ended questions
  • Gove options that the respondent must choose Correct
Consistent use of a grammatical form for equal clauses within a sentence or for items in a list.
  • Parallel Structure Correct
Data collection method entails using tests.
  • Testing Method Correct
Examples of this category are Experimental and Survey Research.
  • Cross-Sectional Research Correct
Experimental or Applied Research: Its utility is limited.
  • True Correct
For format on the writing of references, research papers in IT, Computer Science, and Engineering must use the ______ citation and referencing style.
  • IEEE Correct
If at first glance of a non-expert judge, the test seems to measure what it intends to measure
  • Face Validity Correct
If the test contains all of the pertinent components of the variable it wants to measure
  • Content validity Correct
In order for field research to be successful, the researcher must be _________________________.
  • creative Correct
Included in the thesis abstract are the ff., EXCEPT:
  • introduction Correct
Introduction is composed of _______ paragraphs with three to five pages.
  • narrative Correct
Introduction provides a brief background or the ___ of the study.
  • rationale Correct
Is a questionnaire asked in a one-on one situation.
  • Interview Method Correct
Is a self-report data collection instrument.
  • Questionnaire Correct
Is an activity of a sentient living being (e.g. humans), which senses and assimilates the knowledge of a phenomenon in its framework of previous knowledge and ideas.
  • Observation Method Correct
Is an in-depth, longitudinal examination of a single instance or event, called a case.
  • Case Study Method Correct
is as a works cited or reference list.
  • Bibliography Correct
Is used to prove causality.
  • Experiment Method Correct
It deals with unusual events. It may be qualitative as well as quantitative in nature depending upon the content.
  • Case-Study Research Correct
It is both qualitative as well as quantitative in nature and deals with past events.
  • Historical Research Correct
List of Abbreviations and Symbols are list of charts, graphs, maps and other illustrations used in the thesis.
  • False Correct
Open-ended questions
  • Do not give options that the respondent must choose Correct
pertains to articles and books written by authorities giving their opinions, experiences, theories or ideas.
  • Conceptual Literature Correct
pertains to published reports of actual research studies done previously.
  • Research Literature Correct
Qualitative Research is used to quantify the problem by way of generating numerical data or data that can be transformed into usable statistics.
  • False Correct
Quantitative Research. It is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations.
  • False Correct
Refers to how much it measures what it is designed to measure.
  • Construct validity Correct
refers to the consistency of a measure
  • reliability Correct
Research is ______________.
  • Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem Correct
Research papers in Business, Accountancy, Education, Arts and Sciences must use the ______ citation and referencing style.
  • APA Correct
Research strategies should not be combined.
  • False Correct
Scope and Limitation section sets _________ of the study
  • parameters Correct
Select the following questions that will be answered if you have good introduction in your research. Select whichever applies.
  • What did we know about this research before I did this study? Correct
showcases previous studies and publications relevant to the thesis.
  • Review of related literature Correct
sources are best and purest; they are the closest from the point of origin
  • primary Correct
sources, are reports of a person who relates the testimony of an actual witness or participant.
  • secondary Correct
Tables should be numbered in sequence, using Roman numerals.
  • False Correct
The ______ sources are compiled from or based on secondary sources.
  • Tertiary Correct
The abstract should not be less than ________ words but not to exceed 500 words, and should be typed single-spaced.
  • 200 Correct
The essential qualities of a researcher are ____________.
  • All the above Correct
The ff. are the contributors of the definition of research, Except.
  • John W. Woody Correct
The introduction is the second chapter of the thesis and must include the objective/s and justification of the study as well as the limitations set by the proponent.
  • False Correct
The main aim of research is to find out the truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet.
  • True Correct
The observer is part of the scene being observed.
  • Participant Observation Correct
The opening paragraph of your paper will provide your readers with their initial impressions about the:
  • all of the above Correct
The quality of writing that allows it to sound natural, with a rhythm that is easy to read or listen to.
  • Flow Correct
The questionnaire should not be bulky, too long or too thick.
  • True Correct
The space between lines of type.
  • Leading Correct
The statement of the problem is the ______ of the proposal/paper.
  • backbone Correct
The test is compared to another, valid, test to see if it measures the same thing
  • Criterion-related validity Correct
These sections recognize persons and organizations who/which assisted the proponents in the completion of the thesis.
  • dedications and acknow ledgements Correct
This is a presentation of the thesis summary
  • abstract Correct
This is purely quantitative in nature and deals with future events.
  • Experimental Research Correct
This means watching and recording behavior in its natural setting.
  • Naturalistic Observation Correct
This page bears the name of the proponent/s and title of the thesis, together with the signature of the adviser, college dean and members of the oral defense panel.
  • Approval Sheet Correct
This page contains the title of the research, name of proponents and a statement regarding the qualification for which the research is submitted.
  • title page Correct
This part provides a brief background or the rationale of the study.
  • introduction Correct
This section is optional. All abbreviations used in the thesis are listed for easy reference of the reader.
  • List of Abbreviations and Symbols Correct
this section sets parameters of the study
  • Scope and limitation Correct
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