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Web Enhanced Animation Graphics

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_________ selectors are used to specify a group of elements
  • class Correct
__________ has introduced text, list, box, margin, border, color, and background properties
  • css Correct
!DOCTYPE is case sensitive”
  • False Correct
<easing-function> = linear | <cubic-bezier-easing-function> | <step-easing-function>
  • True Correct
A CSS animation can be triggered by applying the animation styles to the: hover or: active states when the reader has the mouse over the object or when the user clicks on the object
  • True Correct
A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, whether mirrored or mirrorless, is the best way to capture high-quality images for the web
  • True Correct
A language of control allows users to control the animation and interact with it Interactions involve starting and stopping the animation and moving in the timeline to specified points
  • Scripting language Correct
Adobe Photoshop is a great program to change images or graphics that have already been made, such as photographs, and is the most popular program for Adobe
  • True Correct
Adobe Photoshop is a popular program for vector-based editing to create icons, illustrations, cartoons, and fonts
  • False Correct
  • True Correct
An easing function must be a pure function which means that it always produces the same progress value for a given set of inputs
  • True Correct
An easing function specifies the speed at which the animation progresses at different points within the animation
  • True Correct
  • True Correct
Aneasing function takes a progress value for input and generates a progress value for output
  • True Correct
Animation technology that enables typical hand-drawn animation (cartoon) to be produced using both bitmap and vector graphics
  • Pencil Correct
Animations involving transition between two states are often referred to asimplicit transitionssince the user explicitly specifies the states between the start and the final states
  • True Correct
Automatically fix artifacts in a specific area
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool Correct
Automatically fix artifacts in image by painting over them
  • Healing Brush Tool Correct
Bitmapped images can be compressed to varying degrees depending on the file format
  • True Correct
callbackFunction is afunction that is called byrequestAnimationFrame()
  • True Correct
Canvass is the illusion name where the positions of objects appear to be changed based on the angle in which you view them
  • False Correct
Changes the visual properties of the layer
  • Adjustment Layer Correct
Code: @media only screen and (max-width: 500px) { body { background-color: lightblue; } }
  • If the browser window is smaller than 500px, the background color will change to lightblue: Correct
Code: body { background-image: url(fogjpg); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; color: #fff; font-family: Avenir, Arial, sans-serif; h1 { font-family: 'Calluna Sans', Arial, sans-serif; text-align: center; font-size: 10rem; margin: 8rem auto; } h1 { font-family: 'Calluna Sans', Arial, sans-serif; text-align: center; font-size: 10rem; margin: 8rem auto; transition: 1s font-size linear; } ______________ and (max-width: 1100px) { h1 { font-size: 8rem; }
  • @media screen Correct
Configures whether or not the animation should alternate direction and repeat itself on each run through the sequence or reset to the starting point
  • animation-direction Correct
Continuous-tonerefers to bitmapped images of sketches and line art with minimal color numbers
  • False Correct
Create animations using computer packages
  • 2D computer animation Correct
CSS transitions allow you to decide which properties to animate when the animation begins, how long the transition will last and how the transition will continue
  • True Correct
  • Superior styles to HTML Correct
Destructive editing is done through layers and masks and preserves information about the original pixels
  • False Correct
  • True Correct
Duplicate pixels from another area
  • Clone Stamp Tool Correct
elapsedTime is a float showing the number of seconds the transition was going on at the time the event was going on
  • True Correct
Fills an area using pixels within proximity
  • Content-Aware Fill Correct
Flat colourrefers to bitmapped images with many colors and color combinations that are photos or drawings
  • False Correct
For animations, the name is called easing to specify the rate at which properties change
  • True Correct
For some activities related to graphics, the default rendering may be somewhat restrictive
  • Less control over how things get drawn Correct
Generate three-dimensional images
  • 3D computer animation Correct
He is a very intelligent person who describes code-based easing equations
  • Robert Penner Correct
  • Pages load faster Correct
Immediate Mode (Canvas), the user issues calls resulting in the showing of graphic objects immediately
  • True Correct
Immediate mode refers to the whole situation where you change the rate of change in your animated products
  • False Correct
In css, “color:red” can be called as _____________
  • Declaration Correct
In CSS, “font-size” can be called as ________
  • Property-Name Correct
In retained mode (DOM), user requests do not result in the showing of graphic artifacts instantly
  • True Correct
Is it the best way to include H1 heading only one time on the web page
  • True Correct
It is a Canadian software company dedicated to the production of animation and storyboarding software
  • ToonBoomAnimationInc Correct
It is a Free Alternative for Adobe Flash, a very full software to create flash animations with almost nothing to learn
  • Vectorian Giotto Correct
It is a free and open-source software package of 3D computer graphics tools used to build animated films, visual effects, photography, 3D printed models, motion graphics, immersive 3D applications and computer games
  • Blender Correct
It is a free flash IDE that allows anyone to create Rich Internet Applications quickly and easily from beginners to advanced Flash coders
  • Open Dialect Correct
It is a free Windows, Apple, and Linux Open Source CAD software
  • Open Source 2D-CAD LibreCAD Correct
It is a free, open-source 2D vector graphics and computer animation program based on timeline created by Robert Quattlebaum with additional contributions from Adrian Bentley
  • Synfig Studio Correct
It is a free, web-based animation suite
  • Ajax Animator Correct
It is a great way to create immersive, resolution-independent vector graphics that look great on any screen size
  • SVGDreams Correct
It is a simple program that allows anyone to make 2D animation
  • Pencil Correct
It is a suite of integrated tools designing and building games, simulations, and visualizations for game developers
  • Unreal Engine Correct
It is an open-source Flash IDE based on Adobe Flex created to assist System Dynamics Modelers in creating and publishing Interactive Learning Environments for their work
  • Open Dialect Correct
It is convenient to place each object on a separate layer to organize and work easily with multiple moving objects
  • Layers Correct
It was developed using the Qt library's OpenGL and follows the same interface style as Macromedia Flash (TM) and ToonBoom (TM) for commercial products
  • KToon Correct
It was originally intended to be a free replacement to Flash MX, but is now a general-purpose animation tool
  • Ajax Animator Correct
Moves selected pixels and replaces them automatically
  • Content-Aware Move Correct
One advantage ofAdobe Illustrator Software is a graphic vector will never lose its quality if it is scaled up or down
  • True Correct
One of the drawbacks of photoshop isyou can have complete control of your projects as you can edit your pixel-by-pixel graphics
  • False Correct
Parallax Scrolling can be used sparingly to provide a nice, subtle depth element resulting in a distinctive and memorable website
  • True Correct
Parallax scrolling is when the layout of the website has the web page background move to the foreground at a slower rate, producing a 3D effect as you scroll
  • True Correct
  • True Correct
propertyName is a string that indicates the name of the CSS property that has completed its transition
  • True Correct
requestAnimationFrame method offers significant animation performance optimizations over timer-based options such as setTimeoutand setInterval, typically resulting in smoother animations
  • True Correct
requestAnimationFrame methodcan be used for different animation types, including styling for CSS, canvas, WebGL, or SVG
  • True Correct
Scales selected pixels while automatically filling empty pixels
  • Content-Aware Scale Correct
Set the time it takes for an animation to complete a loop
  • animation-duration Correct
Sets the number of times the animation will repeat; to repeat the animation forever, you can specify infinite
  • animation-iteration-count Correct
  • Easy maintenance Correct
Tag used for Anchor, or link to another page, another location on a page, or another site Accompanied by the name of the link as “href,” eg, <a href=”filenamehtml”>
  • <a> Correct
The < blink > is an effective HTML mark
  • False Correct
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