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Data Communications and Networking 4

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A client calls the support desk and says this to a technician: "I have just started my computer and attempted to check e-mail. The error 0x800ccc0d was displayed. However, I was able to connect to network drives and access the Internet." Which statement would describe the status of this issue?
  • The helpdesk has enough information to begin finding a resolution. Correct
A construction firm is building a power plant at a remote and isolated mine site and needs to connect the data network of the plant to the corporate network. Which public technology is the most suitable to meet the connection needs?
  • satellite Internet Correct
A general term for Internet services from a mobile phone or from any device that uses the same technology
  • wireless internet Correct
A network administrator issues the telnet 25 command on the workstation. What is the purpose of this command?
  • to probe the server that provides the web service to determine if it is also running an email service Correct
A network architecture that virtualizes the network
  • Software Defined Networking Correct
A network engineer is investigating an access issue to a web server. The web server can access the Internet and the local clients can open the web pages. However, outside clients cannot access the web pages. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
  • An ACL is blocking incoming connections. Correct
A network engineer is troubleshooting a network that has recently been updated with a new routing protocol, but the network is not working as expected. The engineer is comparing the running configuration from before and after the change was made. Which approach to troubleshooting the problem is the engineer using?
  • divide-and-conquer Correct
A network engineer is troubleshooting an unsuccessful PPP multilink connection between two routers. The multilink interface has been created and assigned a number, the interface has been enabled for multilink PPP, and the interface has been assigned a multilink group number that matches the group assigned to the member physical serial interfaces. The physical serial interfaces have also been enabled for PPP multilink. Which additional command should to be issued on the multilink interface?
  • no ip address Correct
A newer and faster technology considered to be part of 4G technology.
  • long-tern evolution Correct
A purpose-built hardware solution for integrating cloud computing and data center management.
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Correct
A site-to-site VPN is created when devices on both sides of the VPN connection are aware of the VPN configuration in advance.
  • True Correct
A type of digital modem used with high-speed DSL or cable Internet service.
  • broadband modem Correct
a type of network that establishes a dedicated circuit (or channel) between nodes and terminals before the users may communicate.
  • Circuit-switched network Correct
After gathering symptoms, if the troubleshooter determines that the problem is located outside the control of the organization, what is the next step?
  • Contact the administrator of the external system. Correct
allows source and destination ports to be in different switches.
  • rspan Correct
Also called the forwarding plane, this plane is typically the switch fabric connecting the various network ports on a device
  • data plane Correct
An _______ is a collection of end-point groups (EPG), their connections, and the policies that define those connections
  • Application Network Profile Correct
An administrator has configured an access list on R1 to allow SSH administrative access from host Which command correctly applies the ACL?
  • R1(config-line)# access-class 1 in Correct
An attack has been launched within a company and a host name has been identified as the source. What command can a network technician use to determine the IP address assigned to the host name?
  • nslookup Correct
are specialized, handheld devices designed for testing the various types of data communication cabling
  • cable testers Correct
CBWFQ extends the standard WFQ functionality to provide support for user-defined traffic classes.
  • True Correct
Cloud computing and virtualization are different terms that refer to the same thing.
  • False Correct
Delay-sensitive data such as voice is added to a priority queue so that it can be sent first (before packets in other queues).
  • LLQ Correct
DHCP _______ is a mitigation technique to prevent rogue DHCP servers from providing false IP configuration parameters.
  • snooping Correct
DHCP is the protocol that automatically assigns a host a valid IP address out of a DHCP pool.
  • True Correct
diagrams keep track of the location, function, and status of devices on the network.
  • network topology Correct
Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) is a Cisco software solution for building multiple VPNs in an easy, dynamic, and scalable manner
  • True Correct
External BGP is the routing protocol used between routers in different autonomous systems.
  • True Correct
For a data center, what is the difference in the server virtualization data traffic compared with the traditional client-server model?
  • There are significant data exchanges between virtual servers. Correct
Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) is one example of a basic, non-secure, site-to-site VPN tunneling protocol.
  • True Correct
How can SNMP access be restricted to a specific SNMP manager?
  • Define an ACL and reference it by using the snmp-server community command. Correct
How many "things" are predicted to be interconnected on the Internet by 2020?
  • 50 billion Correct
How many levels of priority are possible when using class of service (CoS) marking on frames?
  • 8 Correct
In the 802.1X standard, the client attempting to access the network is referred to as the supplicant.
  • True Correct
Internal BGP is the routing protocol used between routers in the same AS.
  • True Correct
IntServ provides a way to deliver the end-to-end QoS that real-time applications require by explicitly managing network resources to provide QoS to specific user packet streams, sometimes called microflows.
  • True Correct
is considered to be the brains of the ACI architecture
  • Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Correct
is software that creates and runs VM instances and can be installed directly on hardware or run as an application on an OS.
  • hypervisor Correct
It is a networking device that provides internetworking and WAN access interface ports that are used to connect to the service provider network.
  • router Correct
It is a queuing algorithm also known as first-come, first-served (FCFS) queuing, involves buffering and forwarding of packets in the order of arrival.
  • FIFO Correct
It is a queuing algorithm which extends the standard WFQ functionality to provide support for user-defined traffic classes.
  • cbwfq Correct
It is a queuing algorithm which feature brings strict priority queuing (PQ) to CBWFQ.
  • LLQ Correct
It is a queuing algorithm which is an automated scheduling method that provides fair bandwidth allocation to all network traffic
  • w eighted fair queuing Correct
It is a SPAN Terminology which refers to the traffic that leaves the switch.
  • egress traffic Correct
It is a type of DHCP attack where the attacker configures a fake DHCP server on the network to issue IP addresses to clients.
  • DHCP spoofing attack Correct
It is a type of DHCP where the attacker floods the DHCP server with bogus DHCP requests and eventually leases all of the available IP addresses in the DHCP server pool.
  • DHCP starvation attack Correct
It is a type of telnet attack where the attacker continuously requests Telnet connections in an attempt to render the Telnet service unavailable and preventing an administrator from remotely accessing a switch.
  • telnet dos attack Correct
It is a type of telnet attack where the attacker may use a list of common passwords, dictionary words, and variations of words to discover the administrative password
  • telnet dos attack Correct
It is a WAN protocol that provides Provides router-to-router and host-to-network connections over synchronous and asynchronous circuits
  • PPP Correct
It is an ever increasing requirement of networks today
  • Quality of Service Correct
It is an SPAN Terminology which refers to the port that is monitored with use of the SPAN feature answer Source (SPAN) port
  • Source (SPAN) port (wrong) Correct
It is the default encapsulation type on point-to-point connections, dedicated links, and circuit-switched connections when the link uses two Cisco devices.
  • HDLC Correct
It SPAN Terminology which refers to the traffic that enters the switch.
  • ingress traffic Correct
MAC address table flooding attacks are addressed with port security.
  • True Correct
Network traffic can be marked at both Layer 2 and Layer 3 for QoS..
  • True Correct
One of the new challenges associated with the rapid growth of the IoT is developing better routing protocols for new devices
  • False Correct
One of the new challenges associated with the rapid growth of the IoT is improving the Internet connections from homes
  • False Correct
One of the new challenges associated with the rapid growth of the IoT is increasing the CPU power of computers
  • False Correct
One of the new challenges associated with the rapid growth of the IoT is integrating many devices from different vendors with custom applications.
  • True Correct
One of the new challenges associated with the rapid growth of the IoT is integrating new things into existing networks.
  • True Correct
One of the new challenges associated with the rapid growth of the IoT is securing new devices with varying level of security.
  • True Correct
Packets are assigned to user-defined classes based on matches to criteria such as protocols, ACLs, and input interfaces.
  • CBWFQ Correct
Packets are classified into different flows based on header information including the ToS value.
  • WFQ Correct
Packets are forwarded in the order in which they are received.
  • FIFO Correct
PPP authentication is performed at which OSI layer?
  • Layer 2 Correct
QoS model specifies a simple and scalable mechanism for classifying and managing network traffic and providing QoS guarantees on modern IP networks.
  • differentiated services Correct
Satellite Internet services are used in locations where land-based Internet access is not available, or for temporary installations that are mobile.
  • True Correct
SDN is a network architecture that has been developed to virtualize the network.
  • True Correct
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was developed to allow administrators to manage nodes such as servers, workstations, routers, switches, and security appliances, on an IP network
  • True Correct
SNMP is an application layer protocol that provides a message format for communication between managers and agents
  • True Correct
The _______feature on Cisco switches is a type of port mirroring that sends copies of the frame entering a port, out another port on the same switch.
  • switched port analyzer Correct
The Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is a proprietary Layer 2 link discovery protocol.
  • True Correct
The IoT refers to the network of billons of physical objects accessible through the Internet as we continue to connect the unconnected.
  • True Correct
The LLQ feature brings strict priority queuing (PQ) to CBWFQ.
  • True Correct
The OSI reference model describes how information from a software application in one computer moves through a network medium to a software application in another computer
  • True Correct
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