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Developmental Psychology

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"3 STAGES OF LIFE: TEEN AGE - Have time & energy but no money; WORKING AGE - Have money & energy but no time; OLD AGE - Have time & money but no energy." The above quotation captures what characteristic of development?
  • Multidirectional (Not Sure) Multidimensional (WRONG) Correct
(0 to 6 weeks) Many kinds of stimuli, both social and non-social, produce a favorable reaction from the child, such as a smile.
  • Asocial Correct
(10 months and onwards) The baby becomes increasingly independent and forms several attachments.
  • Multiple Attachment Correct
(6 weeks to 7 months) Infants enjoy human company and most babies respond equally to any person giving care. They get upset when an individual ceases to interact with them.
  • Indiscriminate Attachment Correct
(7 to 9 months) The baby looks to particular people for security, comfort and protection.
  • Specific Attachment Correct
A child being affected by a parent receiving a promotion at work or losing their job is an example of a macrosystem.
  • False Correct
A child being affected by a parent receiving a promotion at work. This reflects which of the following?
  • Exosystem Correct
A child hiding a toy so he doesn't have to share it with the other kids falls under which of the following stages?
  • Stage 2. Individualism and Exchange Correct
A child who refuses to help a classmate cheat falls under which of the following stages?
  • Stage 1. Obedience and Punishment (WRONG) Stage 5. Social Contract and Individual Rights (WRONG) Stage 4. Maintaining the Social Order (Not Sure) Correct
A child who shares her lunch with a classmate who forgot his falls under which stage?
  • Stage 6. Universal Principles (WRONG) Stage 5. Social Contract and Individual Rights (WRONG) Correct
A child with insecure avoidant attachment seeks the attachment figure when distressed.
  • False Correct
A cornerstone of Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development is that society and culture play a key role in promoting development. What type of perspective is this considered to be?
  • A sociocultural perspective Correct
A person who breaks a law she perceives as unjust, such as civil-rights advocates did in the 1960s, is in
  • Stage 5. Social Contract and Individual Rights (Not Sure) Correct
A process in which a teacher or more advanced peer helps to structure or arrange a task so that a novice can work on it successfully.
  • Apprenticeship Correct
A process in which group members with different levels of ability work together so that more advanced peers can help less advanced members operate within their ZPD.
  • Collaborative learning Correct
A process in which teachers and students collaborate in learning and practicing the skills of summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting.
  • Reciprocal teaching Correct
A strong emotional and physical attachment to at least one primary caregiver is critical to personal development.
  • Attachment theory Correct
A teacher applying discovery learning
  • Facilitates the learning process Correct
According to Bandura, reinforcement
  • is cognitively mediated. Correct
According to Bowlby, attachment can be understood within an evolutionary context.
  • True Correct
According to Bruner, children learn best through building on the information they have already mastered with the help of adults or peers who are more knowledgeable in a particular area. This process is called
  • Scaffolding Correct
According to Bruner, discovery learning implies that students construct their own knowledge for themselves through exploring ideas.
  • True Correct
According to Bruner, even the most complex material, if properly structured and presented, can be understood by very young children. Complex ideas can be taught at a simplified level first, and then re-visited at more complex levels later on. This concept refers to
  • Spiral curriculum Correct
According to Bruner, the Iconic Representation involves storing of information in the form of a code or symbol, such as language. The words and symbols are abstractions, they do not necessarily have a direct connection to the information.
  • False Correct
According to Freud, a person who had too strict toilet training may be fixated at the Oral Stage.
  • False Correct
According to Freud, what is the function of the "ego"?
  • To mediate between impulsive drives and the reality. Correct
According to Freud, which of the following is the function of the "id"?
  • To push for the fulfilment of self-pleasure and gratification. Correct
According to Freud's theory of development, during which stage is children's developmental focus on gender identity?
  • Phallic (3-6 years) Correct
According to Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory, cognitive development is a progressive reorganization of mental processes as a result of biological maturation and environmental experience.
  • True Correct
According to Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory, there are five stages of cognitive development.
  • False Correct
According to Jerome Bruner, the aim of education should be to create flexible learners.
  • False Correct
According to Jerome Bruner, the outcome of cognitive development is
  • Thinking Correct
According to Kohlberg people can only pass through the levels of moral reasoning in the order that he listed.
  • True Correct
According to Kohlberg, everyone achieves all the stages of moral reasoning.
  • False Correct
According to Kohlberg's model, all of the following statements about moral development are true except -
  • a focus on socially acceptable action is the highest level of morality Correct
According to Lev Vygostky, learning begins with an action, feeling, and manipulating.
  • False Correct
According to Piaget, children are ______ in constructing their understanding of the world.
  • Active Correct
According to Piaget, during which stage do children develop the capacity for conservation?
  • Concrete Operational Correct
According to Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development, during which stage do children develop the capacity for conservation?
  • Concrete Operationa Correct
According to Sigmund Freud, during this stage, the libido is centered in a baby's mouth. It gets much satisfaction from putting all sorts of things in its mouth to satisfy the libido, and thus its id demands.
  • Oral Stage Correct
According to Sigmund Freud, the ego dwells in the conscious mind.
  • True Correct
According to the ecological systems theory, a child's development is best understood by examining which of the following?
  • the context of the child's environmental influences Correct
According to the Ecological Systems Theory, which of the following affects a person's development the most?
  • Everything in their surrounding environment Correct
According to Vygotsky, language develops social interactions.
  • True Correct
Adah can't believe her eyes that when her son and his family arrived from the USA six years after they migrated, her school age grandchildren have grown taller and spoke English like Americans. They also had plenty of ideas about so many things and candidly expressed their views. This situation is an example of what characteristic of development?
  • Contextual Correct
After 3-month old Ana hit the toy piano bars at the foot of her crib and made a musical sound, she intentionally kicked her feet to hit it. What stage of representation is Ana at?
  • Enactive Correct
After Sai learned that penguins can't fly, she had to modify her existing concept of birds. This best illustrates the process of -
  • Accommodation Correct
Ahmira has no problem going to work and leaving her one-year old daughter Jaja with her mother-inlaw, sister-in-law or a nanny because she doesn't show any distress being left with them. Jaja is in what stage of attachment development?
  • Multiple Attachment Correct
Albert Bandura's famous Bobo Doll Experiment focused on what type of social behavior?
  • Agressiveness Correct
All of the following statements are true except -
  • According to Bowlby, the attachment between individuals has to be reciprocal. Correct
An example of enactive representation is a baby remembering how to shake a rattle.
  • True Correct
Andy got married and relocated out of the city temporarily. This situation reflects which of the following systems?
  • Chronosystem Correct
Anya wants to take the licensure examination for psychologists. However, she does not feel confident enough to take it because the stress and demand of taking care of her sick father makes her feel drained physically and emotionally. Her situation also prevents her from reviewing for the examination. The source of her efficacy belief is:
  • Emotional and Physiological States Correct
As Shane and Deb are preparing their joint yearly taxes, they consider not reporting income that Deb received. Shane suggests that misreporting their taxes could result in fines and imprisonment. Deb suggests that such consequences would embarrass the family and possibly ruin their children's future. They subsequently decide not to misreport income. In making this decision, Shane reflects the _____ stage of moral development and Deb reflects the _____ stage.
  • conventional; conventional Correct
Assimilation is the use of an existing schema to deal with a new object or situation.
  • True Correct
At this stage children recognize that there is not just one right view that is handed down by the authorities. Different individuals have different viewpoints.
  • Individualism and Exchange Correct
At this stage, people begin to account for the differing values, opinions and beliefs of other people
  • Social Contract and Individual Rights Correct
At this stage, the child becomes aware of anatomical sex differences, which sets in motion the conflict between erotic attraction, resentment, rivalry, jealousy and fear
  • Phallic Stage Correct
Attachment in children is usually manifested by seeking proximity with the attachment figure when upset or threatened.
  • True Correct
Attachment theory states that a strong emotional and physical attachment to at least one primary caregiver is critical to personal development.
  • True Correct
Attachment Theory states that infants seek close proximity with their caregivers because they seek security and comfort
  • True Correct
Babies whose needs are not met during the Oral Stage may grow up to become nail biters or smokers.
  • True Correct
Bandura believes that learning
  • is not facilitated by reinforcement. (WRONG) Correct
Beth wants to prevent her husband John from stagnating during middle adulthood. One of the things that she can do is:
  • . Encourage him to join activities for helping the youth Correct
Charles Darwin published his book The Mind of the Child which was based on his observations of his son.
  • False Correct
Children in the preoperational stage have difficulty taking the perspective of another person. This is known as:
  • Egocentrism Correct
Children who have Disorganized Attachment engage in stereotypical behaviors.
  • True Correct
Children with Avoidant Attachment show a clear preference for the caregiver (e.g., avoiding strangers).
  • False Correct
Children's symbolical thinking is manifested by their ability to represent objects with images and words.
  • True Correct
Cognitions are the basic building blocks of such cognitive models, and enable us to form a mental representation of the world.
  • False Correct
Cognitive development is a progressive reorganization of mental processes as a result of biological maturation and environmental experience.
  • True Correct
Cognitive growth involves an interaction between basic human capabilities and "culturally invented technologies that serve as amplifiers of these capabilities."
  • True Correct
Cyan became a paraphlegic after meeting with an accident during paragliding. Watching other PWDs on YouTube driving, working, engaging in various productive activities makes him firmly believe that he, too, possesses the capabilities to perform the activities. The source of Cyan's efficacy belief is:
  • Mastery Experiences (WRONG) Correct
Defense Mechanisms are invented by the ego in order to resolve conflict between the Id and the superego
  • True Correct
Developmental Psychology did not immediately begin as a discipline.
  • True Correct
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