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National Service Training Program 2

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________ refers to the inability to satisfy the basic needs.
  • Poverty Correct
"A good leader must be a good follower" is an example of:
  • Leading by good example Correct
A courtesy call can be done on what process of community immersion?
  • All of the choices Correct
A good proposal includes ___________.
  • All of the above Correct
A Latin word describing quality implying "fellowship community of relations and feelings" is:
  • Communis Correct
A measure of the extent to which developments programme or project achieves the specific objectives it set
  • Effectiveness Correct
A periodic review of the performance of a plan, project or program
  • Evaluation Correct
A project proposal is significant because
  • It serves as a guide in the project implementation Correct
A summative evaluation takes place before and after the project
  • False Correct
A typical Filipino trait that must be seen always among youth especially during your immersion?
  • . Ang Kabataan ang Pag-Asa ng Bayan Correct
Advocacy requires vigor of action which means an advocate can take time and be slow in responding to his advocacy groups' needs.
  • False Correct
An element of community derived from public documents, folk history, historical roots is
  • History Correct
An example of a good title for a tree planting project proposal is _______.
  • Both answers are good examples Correct
An official record of a given period in the life of a project that presents a summary of project implementation and performance reporting.
  • report Correct
Any act which results in non-accidental and/or unreasonable inflicting of physical injury to a child.
  • physical abuse Correct
Appendices include the following except for one.
  • Pictures during actual community service Correct
Are poverty and pollution interrelated?
  • Yes, because most less fortunate individuals contribute more on the pollution Correct
As an advocate you must identify your true interest in joining an advocacy to avoid:
  • conflict of interest Correct
Before you will be able to go on the project implementation such as tree planting. You need to finish first the Parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.
  • True Correct
Between Charity Volunteer and Barangay Tanod. Who is consider as a social advocate?
  • Charity Volunteer Only Correct
Can eliminating poverty be the solution to also eliminate other social problems?
  • Yes, because poverty is the root problem of other social problems. Correct
Can we find maps in project proposal?
  • Yes, in part V – Location of the Project Correct
Collect all press clippings from newspapers that have articles about your event. There are services available that will do this for a charge
  • Press clippings Correct
Communities of Culture refers to ethnic and religious groups.
  • True Correct
Community derived from the Old Tagalog word Comunidad.
  • False Correct
Community immersion also carryout the school’s goal for students – becoming a concerned citizen.
  • True Correct
Community Immersion is also known as _____________?
  • Community Integration Correct
Community immersion is important to schools because
  • It can fulfill the school goals for their students. Correct
Community immersion requires the students to give donations on the less-fortunate people.
  • False Correct
Community organizer must have the ability to facilitate the community process by giving continues support to the locals.
  • True Correct
Community organizing defined is a process of both process and method.
  • True Correct
Community Organizing is a continuous process of the following except for one:
  • Maximizing profit of small and medium businesses in the community Correct
Community Profile includes the following except for one.
  • Biography Correct
Count things or people; Measure your program against a benchmark.; Monitor trends over time; Statistically correlate factors: Is there a connection between variables.
  • Qualitative Method Correct
Different community cases like robbery, theft, shoplifting and the like, were reported in Brgy. Malabanan in span of two years and continuously rising up to present. What problem may the community is encountering?
  • crime Correct
Discussion of the current situation, problems and issues affecting the community should be presented in ____________.
  • Background of the Project Correct
Do not ask the community to take of your needs like water, food and other resources.
  • True Correct
Documentation comes from the Latin word ?
  • documentum Correct
Does the overpopulation serve as one of the driving factors of unemployment?
  • Yes, because there is scarcity of jobs for everybody Correct
During community immersion, you have to make a lot of promises to the locals so that they will look for you after implementing your project
  • False Correct
Economic development refers to the ability of a country to improve the social welfare of the people
  • False Correct
External conditions that are helpful to achieving the development of a community are called:
  • Opportunities Correct
f the coordinator asks you to prove your proof of action during the community immersion, what part of the project proposal you may show?
  • Part 10 – Project Implementation Correct
Find out overall concerns, opinions; Gather initial information or sense of direction.; Get details of/reasons for any problems; Test communication materials.
  • Quantitative Method Correct
Frequency is one of the criteria should be considered in identifying community problems.
  • True Correct
How can an organizer show his or her role as a catalyst?
  • By becoming a medium to the transformation of the community. Correct
How can the community immersion help the students?
  • By developing to them the sense of caring for others. Correct
How can we eliminate if not minimize different social problems?
  • Be a social advocate that will start the process of preventing the social problems Correct
How can you become a role model during the community immersion?
  • By presenting the right manner and discipline. Correct
How can you conclude if the project proposal is well-organized?
  • By the outcome of the project implementation Correct
How does pollution affect the daily life of humans?
  • It brings many diseases. Correct
How does pollution affects the daily life of human?
  • It brings many diseases Correct
How will you differentiate absolute poverty from relative poverty?
  • Absolute is having a little money while Relative is the lack of income to support basic needs Correct
How would you classify a child that merely subject to abuse?
  • A child forced to work for his family Correct
How would you classify the community of two different subdivisions within a particular town?
  • by its location or boundary Correct
Identify which of the following is NOT an example of corruption?
  • Making a transparent audit on government funds Correct
Identify which of the following should be included in the Proponent part.
  • All of the above Correct
Identify which of the statements is correct.
  • Proponents of the Project are those individuals that will take into action the Project Proposal Correct
If the community organizer always stimulates the people to think critically when dentifying problems and finding new solutions, what role does he/she playing?
  • Animator Correct
If your advocacy is primarily concerned with changing the political system, who should ask for help?
  • a legal expert Correct
In a group of students conducting a project, it is most imperative to have
  • A Good Leader Correct
In a simple term, what is meant on the Methodology of the Project Proposal?
  • Project Process Correct
In preparing a project proposal, the following must be considered except for one.
  • A long proposal title Correct
In the project implementation part, the proof of action taken during the project is placed. Which of the following is a proof of action?
  • all of the above Correct
In this process, set goals and objectives are met and implemented.
  • Termination of the Project Correct
In what part of the project proposal you may include the expected outcomes of your proposed project?
  • In the Objectives Correct
In what way does knowing the requirements for community immersion significant?
  • It provides a list on what to bring. Correct
In your tree planting projects, which of the following can be done to document?
  • All of the choices Correct
Integrating with the locals is also one of the best strategies one organizer can practice in order to catch-up with the current situation of the community. This approach is called:
  • Community integration Correct
Is integrating with the locals really needed before formulating a project for community immersion?
  • Yes, because it can be a way to gather information about the current situation in that community Correct
Issues can be based on the occurrence of certain situations or events.
  • background of the issue Correct
It briefly explains the motivation of the project and the need of the project to be implemented, also the current efforts being done by the proponents and what the project is expected to bring.
  • Background of the project Correct
It is a social strategy in public safety education and training designed to bridge the gap between theoretical instruction and the realities of public safety work through experiential learning.
  • Community immersion Correct
It is acting, speaking, and writing with minimal conflict of interest on behalf of the sincerely perceived interests of a disadvantaged person or group to promote, protect, and defend their welfare and justice.
  • Advocacy Correct
It is important to be able to provide relevant client information at any given time and the organisation’s response to their needs
  • Accountability Correct
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