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Software Engineering 1

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___________ is probably the most important phase forlong-term support as well as for the reputation of the company.
  • Testing Correct
______________ measures the ability of a regression test selection technique to handle realistic applications.
  • Generality Correct
________________ is the ability to encourage by "push or pull" technical people to produce to their best ability.
  • Motivation Correct
__________________ documents show the behavior or functionality of a software product on an abstract level.
  • Functional specification Correct
.NET are specific to which platform?
  • Microsoft Correct
“An ordering system may be adapted to cope with a centralized ordering process in one company and a distributed process in another.” Which category the example belong to?
  • Process specialization Correct
“Software engineers should not use their technical skills to  other people’s computers.”Here the term  refers to:
  • All of the mentioned Correct
“Software engineers should not use their technical skills tomisuseother people’s computers.” Here the termmisuserefers to:
  • All of the mentioned Correct
A ___________is an executable instruction. It may have one ormore parameters.
  • Command Prompt , Command Correct
A 66.6% risk is considered as
  • high Correct
A company is developing an advance version of their current software available in the market, what model approach would they prefer ?
  • Both RAD & Iterative Enhancement Correct
A field studying computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their software and hardware designs, their applications, and their impact on society, whereas IS emphasizes functionality over design.
  • Computer information system Correct
A good decomposition of a problem shouldinteractions among various components.
  • FALSE Correct
A project’s duration might be just one week or it might go on for years, but every project has an end date.
  • A project is temporary Correct
A research title must not come from personal experience, an article read, a scene witnessed or news heard for it will invalidate the study.
  • False Correct
A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.
  • Project Correct
Acceptance testing is also known as
  • Beta testing Correct
Acknowledgement sheet should be placed immediately after the title page. Generally, it contains statements of recommendation and acceptance.
  • False Correct
After defining architecture, software components and their interfaces, the next phase of development is the creation of __________________.
  • design documents Correct
Age is considered as what type of research question.
  • Factor-Isolating Questions Correct
Allentities involved in the solution design are known as __________.For example, person, banks, company,and customers are treated as objects.
  • Objects Correct
Alpha testing is done at
  • Developer’s end Correct
An ________________ process simplifies verification. If you develop software by adding small increments of functionality, then, for verification, you only need to deal with the added portion
  • Incremental Development Correct
An independent relationship must exist between the attribute that can be measured and the external quality attribute
  • False Correct
areabsolutely necessary to achieve a good quality software cost effectively.
  • FALSE Correct
Arrange the given sequence to form a SRS Prototype outline as per IEEE SRS Standard.
  • ii, i, v, iv, iii Correct
Arrange the given sequence to form a SRS Prototype outline as per IEEE SRS Standard. i. General description ii. Introduction iii. Index iv. Appendices v. Specific Requirements
  • ii, i, v, iv, iii Correct
As per an IBM report, “31%of the project get cancelled before they are completed, 53% overrun their cost estimates by an average of 189% and for every 100 projects, there are 94 restarts”.What is the reason for these statistics ?
  • Lack of adequate training in software engineering Correct
Asking the level of performance is considered as?
  • Factor-relating questions Correct
Asoftware is always made to perform some rationalwork. This rational work is known as problem in the softwareparlance.
  • Top-down analysis Correct
Before you start selling any software product,it is officially released. This means that you create a state of the softwarein your repository, make sure that it has been tested for functionality andfreeze the code.
  • Software Releases Correct
Behavioral testing is
  • Black box testing Correct
Beta testing is done at
  • User’s end Correct
Boundary value analysis belong to?
  • Black Box Testing Correct
Build & Fix Model is suitable for programming exercises of ___________ LOC (Line of Code).
  • 100-200 Correct
Characteristics of a good software: (select all correct answers)
  • Operational, Maintenance, Transitional Correct
Choice of a particularoperating system may be made depending upon, except:
  • Development type Correct
Choose the correct option from given below:
  • Both RAD & Prototyping Model facilitates reusability of components Correct
Choose the correct option in terms of Issues related to professional responsibility
  • Both Confidentiality & Intellectual property rights Correct
Company has latest computers and state-of the- art software tools, so we shouldn’t worry about the quality of the product.
  • False Correct
Consider the example and categorize it accordingly, “A pattern-matching system developed as part of a text-processing system may be reused in a database management system”.
  • Component reuse Correct
Consider the following Statement: “The data set will contain an end of file character.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?
  • Non-verifiable Correct
Consider the following Statement: “The output of a program shall be given within 10 secs of event X 10% of the time.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?
  • Verifiable Correct
Consider the following Statement: “The product should have a good human interface.”What characteristic of SRS is being depicted here ?
  • Non-Verifiable Correct
considered to be a collection of executable programming code,associated libraries and documentations.
  • software Correct
COTS product reuse means
  • Systems are developed by configuring and integrating existing application systems Correct
COTS stands for
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf systems Correct
During the Defense which of the following must be done last?
  • Evaluation Correct
During the Defense which of the following the researchers must do first?
  • Orientation from the chairman of the panel Correct
During the implementation process, developers must write enough comments inside the code so that if anybody starts working on the code later on, he/she is able to understand what has already been written.
  • True Correct
Duringthis stage, the software design is realized as a set of programs or programunits
  • Implementation and unit testing Correct
Editors are the core development tools because they convert source code to executable form.
  • False Correct
Efficiency in a software product does not include ________
  • licensing Correct
Every project should have awell-defined objective. For example, many people hire firms to design and build a new house, but each house, like each person, is unique.
  • A project has a unique purpose. Correct
Every time a new software is issued to the customer, developers have to maintain version and configuration related documentation.
  • Version Management Correct
Exhaustive testing is
  • impractical but possible Correct
Explain what is meant by  with reference to one of the eight principles as per the ACM/IEEE Code of Ethics ?
  • Software engineers shall ensure that their products and related modifications meet the highest professional standards possible Correct
Explain what is meant byPRODUCTwith reference to one of the eight principles as per the ACM/IEEE Code of Ethics
  • software engineers shall ensure that their products and related modifications meet the highest professional standards possible Correct
he most significant factorin determining which software engineering methods and techniques are mostimportant is the that is being developed.
  • TRUE Correct
How is Incremental Model different from Spiral Model?
  • Progress can be measured for Incremental Model Correct
How is WINWIN Spiral Model different from Spiral Model?
  • It defines a set of negotiation activities at the beginning of each pass around the spiral Correct
Identify an ethical dilemma from the situations mentioned below:
  • Your employer releases a safety-critical system without finishing the testing of the system Correct
Identify the correct statement with respect to Evolutionary development:
  • Evolutionary development usually has two flavors; exploratory development, and throw-away prototyping Correct
Identify the correct statement: “Software engineers shall
  • act consistently with the public interest.” Correct
Identify the disadvantage of Spiral Model.
  • Doesn’t work well for smaller projects Correct
Identify the sub-process of process improvement
  • Process analysis Correct
If the different sub components are interrelated, thenthe different components cannot be solved separately and the desiredin complexity will not be realized.
  • TRUE Correct
If the were not based onscientific and engineering concepts, it would be easier to re-create newsoftware than to scale an existing one.
  • TRUE Correct
If you were a lead developer of a software company and you are asked to submit a project/product within a stipulated time-frame with no cost barriers, which model would you select?
  • RAD Correct
If you were to create client/server applications, which model would you go for?
  • Concurrent Model Correct
If you were to create client/server applications, which model would you go for? a) WINWIN Spiral Model
  • Concurrent Model Correct
Ifany of the hardware and/or platform (such asoperating system) of the target host changes, software changes areneeded to keep adaptability.
  • Host Modifications Correct
Ifthere is any business level change at clientend, such as reduction of organization strength, acquiring anothercompany, organization venturing into new business, need to modify in the originalsoftware may arise.
  • Organization Changes Correct
implies that a problem can be simplified by omitting irrelevant details.
  • abstraction Correct
In ________________, the system comprises of many smaller sub-systems known as functions.
  • function-oriented design Correct
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