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Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

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____ is a party that can conduct independent assessment of cloud services, information system information, performance and security of the cloud implementation
  • Cloud consumer
  • Cloud auditor Correct
  • Cloud carrier
  • Cloud broker
____ is a person or organization that maintains a business relationship with and uses service from cloud providers
  • Cloud auditor
  • Cloud consumer Correct
  • Cloud broker
  • Cloud provider
____ is a person, organization, or entity responsible for making a service available to interested parties
  • Cloud auditor
  • Cloud broker
  • Cloud carrier
  • Cloud provider Correct
_____ refers to energy efficiency in cloud computing
  • Energy-aware computing
  • Green computing Correct
  • High performance computing
  • Energy virtualization
_____ requires in-depth technical know-how
  • Grid computing
  • Cluster computing Correct
  • Cloud computing
  • The local systems
_______ computing system is a multiprocessor capable of executing multiple instructions on multiple data sets.
  • Multiple-instruction, Multiple-data Correct
_______ computing system is a multiprocessor machine capable of executing different instructions on different Pes all of them operating on the same data set.
  • Multiple-instruction, Single-data Correct
_______ computing system is a multiprocessor machine capable of executing the same instruction on all the CPUs but operating on different data streams.
  • Single-instruction, Multiple-data Correct
_______ computing system is a uni-processor machine capable of executing a single instruction, which operates on a single data stream
  • Single-instruction, Single-data Correct
____________ is an example of on-premise software because it needs to be installed on the computer that runs it, while Office365 is not, because it is accessed via the internet and run remotely
  • Microsoft Office Suite Correct
____________ is the process of transferring all of or a piece of a company’s data, applications, and services from on-premise to the cloud
  • Cloud migration Correct
_____________ infrastructure is a combined set of hardware and virtual resources that support an overall IT environment
  • Information technology (IT) Correct
_____________is a mode of operation for software in which multiple instances of one or many applications run in a shared environment
  • Multi-Tenancy Correct
"Internet" and "Computers" require more clarification It seems that every object capable of connecting to computers will fall into the "Internet" category
  • True
  • False Correct
A ___________ a virtualization instance in which the kernel of an operating system allows for multiple isolated user-space instances
  • container Correct
A ___________ is a piece of physical hardware that hosts virtual machines
  • host machine Correct
A _____________ is an online marketplace, operated by a cloud service provider (CSP), where customers can browse and subscribe to software applications and developer services that are built on, integrate with, or supplement the CSP’s main offering
  • cloud marketplace Correct
A ______________ is a network of distributed services that deliver content to a user based on the user’s geographic proximity to servers
  • content delivery network (CDN) Correct
A _______________ is the concurrent use of separate cloud service providers for different infrastructure, platform, or software needs
  • multi-cloud strategy Correct
A _______________ or virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a piece of software that allows physical devices to share their resources among virtual machines (VMs) running on top of that physical hardware
  • hypervisor Correct
A cloud computing service model by which a customer can provision additional cloud resources on-demand, without involving the service provider
  • On-Demand Self Service Correct
A cloud life cycle encompasses nine steps that can be followed for both the migration to cloud computing and perpetual management of public cloud-based services
  • True Correct
  • False
A device that measures real world condition
  • Sensor Correct
A person or organization that maintains a business relationship with and uses service from cloud providers
  • cloud auditor
  • cloud provider
  • cloud consumer Correct
  • cloud broker
A public cloud is defined by
  • Ownership
  • Portability Correct
  • Accessibility
  • Storage size
A ready-made environment is a peculiar component of ____
  • On-premise SaaS
  • IaaS
  • PaaS Correct
  • Outsourced IaaS
A RPL network consists of one or more RPL networks connected to the Internet through the edge router that controls flow incoming and outgoing from the RPL
  • True
  • False Correct
A SaaS provider gives subscribers access to the components that they require to develop and operate applications over the internet
  • True
  • False Correct
A system in which multiple databases appear to function as a single entity
  • federated database Correct
A type of cloud which is marketed based on availability and price
  • Public Cloud Correct
A virtual server uses a combination of all of the following for identification except:
  • port number
  • host name
  • IP address
  • password Correct
A______is an application that provides a programming environment for
  • integrated development environment Correct
According to the official NIST definition, there are _______________ of cloud computing
  • five essential characteristics Correct
acts as a reverse proxy and distributes application traffic to multiple servers in order to prevent any single application server from becoming a point of failure
  • load balancer Correct
Algorithms cannot be allocated differently depending on the cloud environment
  • True
  • False Correct
All but one, are the components of a microcontroller.
  • Low memory size Correct
All of the following are objectives of load balancing except:
  • improve the computing resource utilization proportion
  • improve the overall system performance
  • maintain system consistency and stability
  • decrease user satisfaction Correct
An amalgamation of “development” and “operations”
  • DevOps Correct
An IaaS system goes a level above the Software as a Service setup
  • True
  • False Correct
An IDE typically includes a code editor, automation tools, and a
  • Debugger Correct
Apple iCloud is a cloud-based storage suite system that allows Apple device users to securely store documents, media files, and application data on dedicated Apple servers
  • True Correct
  • False
Applications developed specifically for cloud platforms
  • Cloud Native Correct
As the basic ser- vice provided by each cloud vendor is discussed, reference will be made to either SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS
  • True Correct
  • False
Azure was originally launched as a _____________ but now provides both PaaS and IaaS services
  • PaaS solution Correct
Bengio et al (2013) note that techniques for greedy, layer wise, unsupervised, pre-training were a significant technical breakthrough, enabling deep learning systems to articulate business process modeling are typically based on stochastic versions of Milner's pi calculus or stochastic Petri nets
  • True
  • False Correct
Bengio et al (2013) note that techniques for greedy, layer wise, unsupervised, pre-training were a significant technical breakthrough, enabling deep learning systems to learn a hierarchy of features one level at a time, using unsupervised feature studies to learn a new transformation at each level
  • True Correct
  • False
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless technology based on the IEEE 802154 standard and used in various application areas, including home automation, smart energy, remote control and health care
  • True
  • False Correct
Both wireless and wired connection can be used to connect in the internet or networks.
  • True Correct
Burden of VM management, requirement of storage area networks, increased head- count, and so on are a few examples of unanticipated cost
  • True Correct
  • False
Challenges of Internet of Things
  •   Security Signaling Bandwidth Diversity (wrong)   Correct
Choose below which are the Applications of IOT:
  •   Transportation Medical Systems Manufacturing Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure Management Energy Management   Correct
Cite examples of a cloud.
  • Windows Azure Google App Engine iCloud Amazon Web Services Correct
Cloud architecture should make provision for adjustments whenever additional computing resources are added
  • True Correct
  • False
Cloud computing allows people to use their Cellphones as well as various portable devices
  • True
  • False Correct
Cloud computing also allows courses to be offered and run from remote locations, as evidenced by distant learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by many renowned universities
  • True Correct
  • False
Cloud Computing is a set of ______________ architectures, which allow users to access a number of resources in a way that is _____, _____, and _____.
  • service-oriented; elastic, cost-efficient, and on-demand. Correct
Cloud computing is highly utilized in numerous segments of the global economy Across the world, scholastic, industrial, commercial, governmental, healthcare, and social welfare organizations are all presently in the process of digital transformation as they reform conventional methods of operations both for their survival and progression
  • True Correct
  • False
Cloud Computing is one of the leading online information service providers, offers a suite of SaaS services known as Google Apps
  • True
  • False Correct
Cloud computing is receiving a great deal of attention, both in publications and among users, from individuals at home to the US government Yet it is not always clearly defined
  • True Correct
  • False
Cloud computing offers physical pay-per-use platforms
  • True
  • False Correct
Cloud consumers may request services directly from providers or through brokers
  • True Correct
  • False
Cloud definition: A model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources
  • True Correct
  • False
Cloud service consumers are subjected to any impairment caused by other users
  • True
  • False Correct
Cloud service management dimensions are?
  • complete software development kit
  • Files, blocks, datasets, and objects
  • Business support, provisioning/configuration, and portability/ interoperability Correct
  • Provisioning, and optimization
Cloud service management refers to
  • All activities performed by a cloud service Correct
  • Manage the activities related to User Management only
  • Manage the activities related to the application only
  • Manage the activities related to the infrastructure only
Cloud Service Models are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • True Correct
  • False
Computers can have shared memory.
  • Parallel Computing Correct
Computing pioneer who developed the LISP programming language family who said that “Computation may someday be organized as a public utility”?
  • John McCarthy Correct
Computing resources are measured at a granular level, allowing users to pay only for the resources and workloads they use What benefit of cloud computing is this?
  • self-service provisioning
  • private cloud
  • pay-per-use Correct
  • elasticity
Computing systems are classified into categories:
  •   Multiple-instruction, Multiple-data Multiple-instruction, Single-data Single-instruction, Single-data Single-instruction, Multiple-data   Correct
Connectivity: In IoT communications (Section 6), connecting various devices of different capabilities in a secure manner is another challenge
  • True Correct
  • False
Contemporary approaches to business process modeling are typically based on stochastic versions of Milner's pi calculus or stochastic Petri nets
  • True Correct
  • False
CPU virtualization allows a single processor to act as multiple individual CPUs, that is, two separate systems running into a single machine
  • True Correct
  • False
CSD is a mechanism designed and tailored for?
  • Regulatory and legal implications
  • Standard logical classes of data storage
  • Files, blocks, datasets, and objects
  • Cloud-based distribution and provisioning Correct
CSD is a mechanism provide
  • Cloud storage levels Correct
  • Security applications
  • Files, datasets, and objects
  • Regulatory and legal implications
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