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A system of tools that package up all three components into a single application so that we can develop within
  • Database Management System Correct
Active scripting is not a programing language instead it is a plain text interpreted to make a dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • False Correct
All object collections are supported by all browsers or browser versions
  • False Correct
An event handler is a predefined JavaScript property of an object that is used to handle an event on a Web page
  • True Correct
An external JavaScript file commonly uses a filename extension of _______.
  • .js Correct
Each object in JavaScript has properties associated with it
  • True Correct
For Linux installation of the individual components, you have to use the Apt-Get which is a GUI based program installed in Linux
  • True Correct
How do you write "Hello World" in an alert box?
  • alert(“Hello World”) Correct
How many times can you nest a code block within another?
  • As many times as you like (though enough nesting could run the browser out of memory) Correct
How will you end a statement in PHP?
  • by putting a semicolon (;) Correct
If a = 5 and b = a++ + 10 * 3, what is the value of y?
  • None of the choices Correct
If str = "Jose, Enrique, Vicente" and res = strslice(15,22), what will be the resulting value of res?
  • Vicente Correct
In installing individual components for Windows, you download all components from vendors
  • True Correct
In JavaScript, you access object properties through the use of the
  • None of the choices Correct
In naming a variable in PHP what is the required Special Character?
  • $ (Dollar Sign) Correct
Is a property use to display document within the frame
  • document Correct
Is an object collection for all internal frames in the document
  • documentframes Correct
Is JavaScript code case sensitive?
  • No Correct
Is use to change the color of the web page to blue
  • windowbgcolor = blue Correct
It holds multiple values.
  • Arrays Correct
It is a function in the PHP that check whether the variable has been set
  • isset() Correct
It is a function in the PHP that converts the string into Upper case
  • strtoupper() Correct
It is a function in the PHP that get the date of the server
  • date() Correct
It is a function that display the content of the array
  • print_r($Flowers); Correct
It is a PHP function wherein the data will be transmitted to the server in the http header when the form is submitted for processing
  • $_POST Correct
It is a server side scripting language that is designed to be embedded because it is mixed in the HTML Markup. This Language can process and email contact forms, upload & file from online forms, generate thumbnails for large images, watermark images, read and write files and communicate with a database.
  • PHP Correct
It is named value pairs that are stored in the browser and they're sent to the web server with each page request
  • Cookies Correct
It is the command used to incorporate an external page into your html
  • include Correct
JavaScript has similarities to other programming and scripting languages.
  • True Correct
JavaScript is _________.
  • Object based Correct
JavaScript is a _________ language that doesn't require a program to be compiled before it is run.
  • scripting Correct
JavaScript is a language that must be compiled while Java is a language that must be interpreted.
  • Object based Correct
OSX has Apache and PHP included in its Operating System
  • True Correct
Part of the browser that understands JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Interpreter Correct
Part of the web browser that understands HTML and CSS.
  • Rendering Engine Correct
PHP and ASPnet are example of Application Server
  • True Correct
Rather than executing every single line of code within the script, a conditional statement allows certain sections of the script to be executed only when a particular condition is met
  • True Correct
Refers to an array of all objects of a particular type
  • object collection Correct
Server Stack is composed of server based software that runs together such as HTTP Server, Application Server and Database Server
  • True Correct
The _______ signals the end of a JavaScript statement.
  • None of the choices Correct
The choice of a Web browser is up to you, as long it's compatible with _________.
  • JavaScript Correct
The external JavaScript file must contain the
  • False Correct
The fastest way to install your AMP Stack is to use either WAMP Server or the MAMP Server
  • True Correct
The getMonth() method returns the same number as the number that represents the current month (for example, returns 1 if the current month is January)
  • True Correct
The keydown event occurs when a viewer presses down a key on the keyboard
  • True Correct
The mousedown event uses what keyword as its event handler?
  • None of the choices Correct
The script tag's attribute that tells the browser the language of the script.
  • type Correct
This are made up of both prescribed pattern to structure and organize your code and pre-built, pre-tested components that you can use to shorten your development time and to aid in code organization.
  • Framework Correct
This are meandering code that does a lot of different things in one single place.
  • Spaghetti Code Correct
This are statement that performs preset of tasks.
  • Functions Correct
This are statements that make decision.
  • Conditional Statement Correct
This are statements that performs repetitive tasks.
  • Loops Correct
This is a framework that is backed by a french company Sensio Labs and distributed with the MIT license.
  • Symfony 2 Correct
This is the command line interface of the Symfony 2.
  • AppConsole Correct
This is the command to display the value stored in the variable.
  • Echo Correct
To declare a function, you use the reserved word ________
  • function Correct
To write a string of text on a Web page, the _________ method is used
  • documentprint() Correct
Variable names are not case sensitive
  • True Correct
Web Applications are built with multi-tier architecture
  • True Correct
Web browser such as IE/Chrome/Safari/Opera is part of the client tier This renders HTML, Images and CSS It also executes client-side codes such as javascripts and plugins
  • True Correct
What are two of the benefits of using variables?
  • They can save you time in writing and updating your scripts, and they can make the purpose of your code clearer Correct
What are two reasons why a function can be useful?
  • They provide a way to organize the various parts of the script into the different tasks that must be accomplished, and they can be reused Correct
What do the properties and methods of the Math object enable you to do?
  • Perform mathematical calculations Correct
What do you use to enclose the blocks of code in conditionals and loops?
  • Curly brackets Correct
What does a comparison operator do?
  • Compares two values or statements, and returns a value of true or false Correct
What does an assignment operator do?
  • Assigns a new value to a variable Correct
What does the following code do? var s_list= new Array()
  • None of the choices Correct
What is the original name of JavaScript?
  • Mocha Correct
What is the output of the script below? <script> var text1 = "Hello"; var text2 = "World!"; documentwrite(text1concat(" ",text2));
  • None of the choices Correct
What is the purpose of the <script> and </script> tags?
  • To tell the browser where a script begins and ends Correct
What is the result of the script below? <script> var greeting; var time = 10; if (time < 10) { greeting = "Good morning"; } else if (time < 20) { greeting = "Good day"; } else { greeting = "Good evening"; } documentwrite(greeting); </script>
  • Good day Correct
What is the result of the script below? <script> var n = ["Maria", "Isabella", "Georgina"]; nshift(); nunshift("Maria"); documentwrite ; </script>
  • Maria,Isabela,Georgina Correct
What is the result of the script below? <script> var n = ["Maria", "Isabella", "Georgina"]; var new_n = npop(); documentwrite(new_n); </script>
  • Georgina Correct
What property of the Array object will return the numeric value of the length of an array?
  • The length property Correct
What symbol is used as the assignment operator in JavaScript?
  • None of the choices Correct
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