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Integrative Programming and Technology 1

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A script is a:
  • Program or sequence of instruction that is interpreted or carried out by another program Correct
Effective Storage management includes
  • Securities, Backups, Reporting Correct
FORTRAN stands for:
  • Formula Translator Correct
How response is sent in XML-RPC?
  • XML responses are embedded in the body of the HTTP response. Correct
Identify the tasks involved in Storage Capacity management.
  • Identifying storage systems are approaching full capacity, monitoring trends for each resource and tracking total capacity, total used, total available Correct
In computer network nodes are:
  • the computer that terminates, originates and routes the data Correct
JVM stands for?
  • Java virtual machine Correct
Network congestion occurs when:
  • in case of traffic overloading Correct
Pick odd one out
  • Fault tolerance Correct
Pick the wrong statement about the hard disk?
  • Hard disk can only have IDE or USB interface Correct
Prolog comes under ___________
  • Logic Programming Correct
Select the correct option regarding tape drive
  • Tape drives can stream data at a very fast rate Correct
Storage management comprises of
  • SAN Management, data protection, disk operation Correct
The execution of the functions on a single server or across servers on the network is called:
  • All are roll backed regardless of whether they issue any one Correct
The principle of serial equivalence for distributed transactions says that:
  • When several transactions are executed concurrently, the result should be the same as if they had been executed in sequence Correct
Two devices are in network if:
  • a process in one device is able to exchange information with a process in another device Correct
URL means ________.
  • Address of the resource on the web Correct
What does a VLAN do?
  • Provides multiple broadcast domains within a single collision domain Correct
What HTTP stands for?
  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Correct
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