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Statistical Analysis with Software Application

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___________ uses artifacts to present data visually.
  • data visualizationCorrect Correct
_____________ is rated as the number one business analytics software.
  • Rapid minerCorrect Correct
“All models are wrong but  some  are useful “
  • George  E. P. Box Correct
A  bell shaped curve that is symmetric about a vertical  line.
  • normal distributionCorrect Correct
A bell-shaped distribution that is symmetric about a vertical line?
  • normalCorrect Correct
A distribution where large distribution are displayed.
  • Grouped frequency distributionCorrect Correct
A frequently used method as it enables binary variables, sum polytomous variable to be modelled.
  • logistic regressionCorrect Correct
A matrix that has the same number of rows and columns is called
  • squareCorrect Correct
A negative correlation exists when___________.
  • x increases y decreasesCorrect Correct
A network purpoting to describe family memberships.
  • network topologyCorrect Correct
A new phenomenon for the explosion of _________data
  • interactionCorrect Correct
A score of 50 lies 2 standard deviations above a mean of 30.What is the value of the standard deviation?
  • 10Correct Correct
A special type of function where the domain is a  set of consecutive integers.
  • sequenceCorrect Correct
A survey of 100 consumers said that the price charged for a kilo of rice could be approximated by a normal distribution with a mean of 35 and a standard deviation of 4.How many are less than 39?
  • 84Correct Correct
A survey of 100 consumers said that the price charged for a kilo of rice could be approximated by a normal distribution with a mean of 35 and a standard deviation of 4.How many of them lie between 27 and 43?
  • 95Correct Correct
Addition and subtraction of matrices only is possible if  two are more matrices.
  • Have same sizesCorrect Correct
Additionand subtraction of matrices only is possible if two are more matrices.
  • Have same sizes. Correct
Adistribution with 4 modes is said to be a _________distribution.
  • multimodalCorrect Correct
All representations are ________.
  • imperfectCorrect Correct
An example of an abstract computer.
  • Turing machineCorrect Correct
Another term for an empty set.
  • nullCorrect Correct
Another term for text analytics.
  • Another term for text analyticsCorrect Correct
Any way to get new expressions from old ones.
  • inferenceCorrect Correct
Aperfect positive correlation coefficient is equal to
  • 1Correct Correct
Apositive z-score means that the score  is
  • Higher than the meanCorrect Correct
AUC means___________.
  • Area Under the CurveCorrect Correct
Data involving two variables are called _________data.
  • bivariateCorrect Correct
Data involving two variables.
  • bivariateCorrect Correct
Earlier name for data science.
  • datalogyCorrect Correct
Empirical rule for a normal distribution that is 2 standard deviations above and below the mean is ________% of data.
  • 95Correct Correct
Empirical rule for a normal distribution that is 3 standard deviations above and below the mean covers ______% of the data.
  • 997Correct Correct
Exabytemeans ________bytes
  • billionbillionCorrect Correct
He pointed out that until 2003 ,all of mankind had generated just 5 exabytes of data
  • Eric SchmidtCorrect Correct
He proposed the use of a penalized likehood function.
  • FirthCorrect Correct
Hecoined the term “analysis of algorithms”.
  • Donald KnuthCorrect Correct
Hesaid that “ In mathematics the art of proposing a question  must be held of higher value than solvingit”.
  • GeorgCantorCorrect Correct
How many bytes of data are generated every two days in today's world?
  • 5 exabytesCorrect Correct
If  in a distribution all scores are distinctthen_____________.
  • thereis no modeCorrect Correct
If A= { x/x is a distinct letter in the word "MATHEMATICS"} AND B={x/x is a distinct letter in the word "STATISTICS"} then their intersection is
  • {A,C,I,S,T}Correct Correct
If A={ 2,3} B={4,5},which of the following is a Cartesian product of the two sets?
  • { (3,4) (3,5) (2,4 ) {2,5) }Correct Correct
If R= { (3,3), (3,6), (5,5),(5,10),(6.12)} is a binary relation in R which the domain is
  • {3,5,6}Correct Correct
If the standard deviation of a distribution is 3.5, the variance is
  • 1225Correct Correct
If there are 101 scores the median is equal tothe _____ranked score.
  • 51Correct Correct
If there are 103 scores the median is equal to the _____ranked score.
  • 52ndCorrect Correct
Ifthe standard deviation of a distribution is 3, the variance is
  • 9Correct Correct
In 2,4,4,4,5,5,6,8,9 the range is
  • 7Correct Correct
In the equation of the regression line represented by Y= 1.24 X + 6.9 if X=2 then Y =?
  • 938Correct Correct
In α =babaa  β  =a^6b^5bb, what is the length of the concatenation of the two strings?
  • 18Correct Correct
is an important part of a broader_____________.
  • computational complexity theoryCorrect Correct
It corresponds to the case where the dependent variable has more than 2 categories.
  • multinomial logit modelCorrect Correct
It does NOT require the assumption that the parameters are normally distributed.
  • profile likehoodCorrect Correct
It enables the performance of a model and enables a comparison to be made with other models.
  • ROCCorrect Correct
It extracts meaningful numerical indices from information and make it available to statistical and
  • Text analyticsCorrect Correct
It has the goal of discovering useful information to support decision making.
  • data analysisCorrect Correct
It includes identifying groups of data records
  • cluster analysis Correct
It involves a commitment in viewing the world in terms of individual entities and relations.
  • logicCorrect Correct
it is  a perfect software  for machine learning.
  • orangeCorrect Correct
It is  popular among financial data analysts.
  • KnimeCorrect Correct
It is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining task.
  • WEKACorrect Correct
It is a free software programming language.
  • R-programmingCorrect Correct
It is a language that we say things about the world.
  • Medium of human expressionCorrect Correct
It is a method for discovering patterns in large data sets.
  • Data MiningCorrect Correct
It is a module in rapid miner that considers the workflow.
  • studioCorrect Correct
It is a perfect software which is written in Python computing language.
  • OrangeCorrect Correct
It is a powerful tool that shows the network of data.
  • KnimeCorrect Correct
It is a process that goes on internally while most things it wishes about exists only externally.
  • reasoningCorrect Correct
It is a theoretical classification that estimates and anticipates the increase increase in running time for algorithms.
  • run time analysisCorrect Correct
It is a variety of  formal calculation typically deduction.
  • Intelligent ReasoningCorrect Correct
It is used for prototyping in Rapid miner.
  • studioCorrect Correct
It is used in organization’s strategic and tactical business decision making.
  • business intelligenceCorrect Correct
It is used to discover patterns in large data sets
  • Data miningCorrect Correct
It is used to enable an entity to determine consequences by thinking rather than acting.
  • Knowledge RepresentationCorrect Correct
It makes complex data more understandable and usable.
  • data visualizationCorrect Correct
It offers a  way to examine trends from collected data and derive insights from it.
  • Business IntelligenceCorrect Correct
It refers to the degree of relationship between two variables?
  • CorrelationCorrect Correct
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