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Quantitative Methods

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Data collection used for a population.
  • Census Correct
Descriptive Statistics is the branch of statistics that involves organizing, displaying and describing data.
  • True Correct
It a characteristic or feature that varies, or changes within a study
  • Variable Correct
It aims to describe various aspects of the data obtained in the study.
  • Descriptive Statistics Correct
It is a variable that goes on the y-axis, or vertical axis.
  • Dependent Variable Correct
It is commonly used for analyzing experiment results, testing their significance and displaying the results accordingly.
  • Statistical Method Correct
It is often based on statements of statistical significance and probability.
  • Modern science Correct
It is the science of uncertainty.
  • Probability and Statistics Correct
It is the scientific study of earthquakes.
  • Seismology Correct
Scientific research rarely leads to absolute certainty.
  • True Correct
Statistics help predicts the future course of action of the phenomena.
  • Forecasting Correct
The mean is sensitive to any change in value, unlike the median and mode, where a change to an extreme or uncommon value usually has no effect.
  • True Correct
The population is not confined to people only, but it may also include animals, events, objects, buildings, etc.
  • True Correct
There are two key variables in every experiment: the dependent variable and the independent variable.
  • True Correct
These are the two main branches of statistics
  • Descriptive and Inferential Correct
This industry use statistical approaches to estimate the number of depositors and their claims for a certain day
  • Banking Correct
Variables are central to any analysis and they do not need to be understood well by the researcher.
  • False Correct
Which is another term for dependent variable?
  • Predicted Variable Correct
Which is considered as qualitative data?
  • The texture of a rock Correct
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