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Production Operations Management

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_________ is the major thrust of TQM
  • Continual process improvement Correct
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Strategic and systematic approach
  • Total employee involvement
_________ was the first one to introduce the value engineering analysis during the World War II era
  • Uniliver Philippines
  • General Electric Company Correct
  • Meralco
  • Procter and Gamble
A factor that may influence the choice of business location which refers to cost with regards to getting the raw materials for the business production or stocks for sale
  • Land cost
  • Energy cost
  • Transport cost Correct
  • Labor cost
A forecasting technique using a weighted moving average, where past observations are adjusted according to their age
  • Regression models
  • Seasonality
  • Exponential smoothing Correct
  • Focus forecasting
A macroscopic decision-making of an overall process route for converting the raw material into finished goods
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Process Design Correct
  • Operations Manager
A manufacturing layout wherein group resources are being layout based on the similar functions or processes
  • Product layout
  • Combination layout
  • Process layout Correct
  • Fixed position layout
A measure of the effective use of resources, usually expressed as the ratio of output to input
  • Competitiveness
  • Strategy
  • Productivity Correct
  • Wastivity
A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources
  • True Correct
  • False
A refined system of supply chain management where the buyers authorize specific range of materials or assembly parts to the vendors for provisioning and making them
  • Materials
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory Control Correct
  • Vendors
  • Redundancy
A strategy for a sustainable supply chain which identifies and quantifies the materials used and waste sources released in the environment along the entire supply chain of 68 the product or process - from raw material stage to customer stage and finally to the end of life disposal
  • Product life cycle assessment Correct
  • Innovation
  • Supplier relationships
  • Global governance and accountability
A system that allows a user to simulate the effectiveness of numerous forecasting techniques and select the best method
  • Seasonality
  • Focus forecasting Correct
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Regression models
A system that is used to maintain a desired level of quality in a product or service
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Materials Management
  • Globalization
  • Quality Control Correct
A waiting line priority rule determines which customer is served next A frequently used priority rule is first-come, first-served
  • True Correct
  • False
After Action Review helps you learn how to evaluate your project as it progresses, so that you can make adjustments and improve performance
  • True Correct
  • False
Although each priority rule has merit, it is important to use the priority rule that best supports the
  • All of these
  • Customers
  • Arrival and service patterns
  • Overall organizational strategy Correct
Arises when actual production is less than what is achievable or optimal for a firm
  • Capacity Planning
  • Excess Capacity Correct
  • Financial Analysis
  • Decision Theory
Because business firm estimates the current demand for the products that it offers in the market, it enables the business to move ________ to achieve the set goals and objectives
  • Backward
  • Forward Correct
  • Sideward
  • Sideward and backward
Business process management is not a one-time exercise
  • True Correct
  • False
Buying or leasing the business premises are the possible options of choosing for business premise
  • True Correct
  • False
Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement training and appraisal program and service administered and marketed by Carnegie Mellon University and required by many DOD and US Government contracts, especially in software development
  • True Correct
  • False
Concept is where the key issue of the matter is defined
  • True Correct
  • False
Defined as the ratio if waste to input
  • Competitiveness
  • Strategy
  • Productivity
  • Wastivity Correct
Demand forecasting helps in ensuring the proper liquidity within the firm
  • True Correct
  • False
DMAIC can be implemented as a stands alone improvement procedure in quality or as a part of other process improvement initiatives
  • True Correct
  • False
Effective product strategy is an output of market research
  • True Correct
  • False
Employees with the use of their expert knowledge of the process, make better decisions
  • True Correct
  • False
Energy costs are important also in running a business that's why should be considered in looking for a business location
  • True Correct
  • False
Entity relationship diagram demonstrates the _________ between the different data categories and shows the different data categories required for the database development
  • disaffiliation
  • commonality
  • relationship Correct
  • difference
Essential for an organization to maintain current levels of performance, to react to changes in its internal and external conditions and to create new opportunities
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration
  • Enterprise Quality Management Software
  • Quality Assessment
  • Improvement Correct
Facilities System consists of all equipment, machinery and furnishings within the building
  • True
  • False Correct
Five elements form an organization's model of success Which of these are those?
  • Vision, Mission, Requirements of success, guiding principles and evidence of success
  • Operations, equipment, personnel, Material flows should be satisfied Correct
  • None of these
  • Facility Systems, Layout, Handling Systems
Focused not only on product and service quality, but also on the means to achieve it
  • Quality Management Software
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Management Correct
For compiling business requirements and representing the requirements as a model, logical database modeling is required
  • True Correct
  • False
For some, lean is the set of "tools" that assist in the identification and steady elimination of waste
  • True Correct
  • False
Forecast or time estimates are past oriented
  • True
  • False Correct
Having a long-term vision of the challenges one needs to face to realize one's ambition
  • Kaizen
  • None of these
  • Challenge Correct
  • GenchiGenbutsu
How a product looks, sounds, feels, tastes or smells is a matter of reflection of individual preference and personal judgment
  • True Correct
  • False
HRM practice which refers to providing employees with such things likes shares of company stocks and profit-sharing programs
  • Employee ownership Correct
  • Information sharing
  • Incentive pay
  • Selectivity in recruiting
If a business firm has products and services with "poor quality", it cause them to market the said product ineffectively
  • True Correct
  • False
If workers can be able to perform multifunction by operating multiple equipments at the same time, multifunctional workforce can be achieved
  • True Correct
  • False
In _________ statistical data and accumulated expertise of people who collect the data and use forecasting are required
  • Gathering information Correct
  • Choosing and fitting models
  • Conducting preliminary analysis
  • Defining the problem
In a single-phase system,the service is completed:
  • All at once Correct
  • Series of steps
  • All of these
  • Indefinitely
In addition to waiting, what other possible actions the customer has?
  • Leave
  • Depart
  • Balk, Renege, Jockey Correct
  • None of these
In choosing a location, there is a need to research on the future competitors
  • True Correct
  • False
In idea generation, listing of customer needs and the identification of ________ are done
  • existing weaknesses in one's products and product areas
  • existing weaknesses in one's products
  • existing weaknesses in one's products and gaps in your product range
  • existing weaknesses in one's products, gaps in your product range and product areas Correct
In screening ideas, business firm should consider _________
  • Competition only
  • Competition, company's existing products and needs of the market
  • Competition, company's existing products , needs of the market and their shortcomings Correct
  • Competition and company's existing products
In the Accept Situation stage, everyone in the team begins research
  • True
  • False Correct
In the identifying relationship, the primary key of parent entity is inherited by the child entity as a non-primary key attribute
  • True
  • False Correct
In waiting line systems, the terms server and channel are used
  • Opposing
  • Incompatible
  • Interchangeable Correct
  • Mismatched
It is a process of imagining and creating a thing or object which is meant for mass production
  • Product development
  • Product advertising
  • Product launching
  • Product design Correct
It is a business practice with techniques and structured methods
  • Business process management Correct
  • Business process modeling
  • The way forward
  • Physical database modeling
It is a focused methodology for carefully listening the customers' voice and then effectively responding to those customer's needs and expectations
  • Taguchi's quality design
  • Quality function development Correct
  • Concurrent engineering
  • ISO 9000
It is a top down leadership approach which entails top management transparency and accountability towards all stakeholders of the extended supply chain
  • Product life cycle assessment
  • Innovation
  • Governance Correct
  • Supplier relationships
It is a way of looking at and then controlling the processes which are present in the business organization
  • Business accounting management
  • Business process management Correct
  • Business marketing management
  • Business organization management
It is important to recognize that we do not use the term facilities planning as a synonym for such related terms as facilities location, facilities design, facilities layout, or plant layout
  • True Correct
  • False
It is really individuals who are managing themselves because many individuals are working on a variety of projects
  • True Correct
  • False
It is the subjective dimension of quality
  • Durability
  • Perceived quality
  • Conformance
  • Aesthetics Correct
It often involves multiple types and sources of inputs, as well as their interpretation, which can be subjective
  • None of these
  • Evidence based decision-making Correct
  • Process approach
  • Relationship-management
It refers to something that is being made and with a purpose to be sold to consumers
  • Specimen
  • Product Correct
  • Thing
  • Object
It refers to the degree to which a design of a product and operating characteristics meet established standards
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Conformance Correct
  • Feature
It supports the contract stage It enables the closing of deal with the supplier if the two parties agree already on price
  • E-sourcing
  • E-informing
  • E-auctioning Correct
  • E-tendering
Just-in-time (JIT) originated in _______
  • Japan Correct
  • Philippines
  • Korea
  • China
Lean aims to make the work simple enough to understand, do and manage
  • True Correct
  • False
Level of inventories must be monitored by the production manager because if there will be overstocking, the working capital will be blocked and spoilage, wastage and misuse of materials may happen
  • True Correct
  • False
One factor in choosing a location which refers to the nearness of the market in the business location
  • Raw material
  • Transportation cost
  • Land
  • Market Correct
One of the objectives to achieve in performance measure is to identify which processes needs improvement
  • True Correct
  • False
Operations has no influence whatsoever on competitiveness through product and service design, cost, location, quality, response time, flexibility, inventory and supply chain management, and service
  • True Correct
  • False
Optimum space utilization increases the time in material and people movement and promotes safety
  • True Correct
  • False
Partnering is when there is a short-term commitment between two or more business firms with a purpose of specific goal and objective attainment by maximizing the participant's resource effectiveness
  • True
  • False Correct
Physical database modeling depends on the software already being used in the business organization
  • True Correct
  • False
Process layout is recommended for batch production
  • True Correct
  • False
Process thinking is the focus of fundamental part of TQM
  • True Correct
  • False
Production management helps the business to face competition in the market
  • True Correct
  • False
Qualitative approach in forecasting include the methods consisting mainly of inputs which are _______ and often defy precise numerical description
  • Objective
  • Common
  • Prevalent
  • Subjective Correct
Qualitative forecasting method wherein sales estimates of each regional salesperson are provided and the said forecasts are then reviewed to make sure that the said estimates are realistic
  • Delphi method
  • Market research/survey
  • Sales force composite Correct
  • Executive judgment
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