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Abnormal Psychology

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A person who is depressed after losing his job avoids social interaction for several months exhibits this element of abnormality.
  • maladaptiveness Correct
  • suffering
  • threatened behavior
  • dangerousness
An American psychiatrist believed that abnormal behavior was due to an excess of blood in the brain. He treated his patients by drawing copious amounts of blood from their brain.
  • Benjamin Rush Correct
  • Philippe Pinel
  • Dorothea Dix
  • Jean-Baptiste Pussin
He advocated the use of insulin shock therapy for treatment of mental illness
  • Ugo Cerletti
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Franz Anton Mesmer
  • Manfred Sakel Correct
He believed that the brain is responsible for awareness, thinking and emotional perception.
  • Paracelsus
  • Philippe Pinel
  • Hippocrates Correct
  • Leonardo da Vinci
He described the Germ theory of disease, which laid the foundation for establishing the biologic connections between infection, brain illness and abnormal behavior.
  • Carl Gustav Jung
  • Louis Pasteur Correct
  • Hippocrates
  • Philippe Pinel
He described the importance of goal-oriented achievement and contribution to the society.
  • Josef Breuer
  • Egaz Moniz
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Alfred Adler Correct
He was an advocate of humane treatment of mentally-ill patients.
  • Benjamin Rush
  • Philippe Pinel Correct
  • Dorothea Dix
  • Jean Marie Charcot
One of the elements that described abnormality in which an individual becomes a threat to himself or others.
  • threatened behavior
  • suffering
  • maladaptiveness
  • dangerousness Correct
Pioneer of hypnosis to treat patients with hysteria
  • Franz Anton Mesmer Correct
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Ugo Cerletti
  • Manfred Sakel
The principal part of the mind that is present at birth and is part of the unconscious
  • superego
  • no correct answer
  • id Correct
  • ego
The proponent of surgical therapy for mental disorders.
  • Alfred Adler
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Josef Breuer
  • Egaz Moniz Correct
The psychiatrist who developed the cathartic method of treatment
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Alfred Adler
  • Egaz Moniz
  • Josef Breuer Correct
This is the era wherein there was a revival in the belief that mental illnesses were caused by spiritual and demonic forces.
  • Dark Ages Correct
  • Baroque Era
  • Renaissance Period
  • Period of Reformation
Which is true of normality?
  • It is the expected behavior or way of living based on what is commonly observed in the majority of the population. Correct
  • A person who had a relationship breakup threatens to jump off a 30-ft building if his girlfriend does not talk to her.
  • A person who is underweight feels that she is fat and refuses to eat.
  • There is no single determinant or a generally accepted definition of normality.
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